LEVO II Infusion Machine and tCheck THC Potency Tester (Bundle)

Sale price$629.99

Unleash your cannabis culinary genius with our dynamic duo - the LEVO infusion machine and tCheck 3 THC Potency Tester. Making DIY edibles has never been this easy!

With these cannabis powerhouse tools, you can:

Remember, precision is the key to homemade edibles perfection and with our bundle, perfection is just a button away!

LEVO II infusion machine features:

  • Commercial grade time and temperature controls
  • Use the LEVO app for recipes, cooking & potency calculators and more
  • Non-stick ceramic coated basin with 16oz liquid capacity. Teflon free.
  • All dishwasher safe removable parts
  • Dry, Activate (Decarboxylate), and Infuse cycles all-in-one and fully customizable settings

tCheck THC Potency Tester features:

What’s included:

  • Green tCheck THC Potency Tester, patented polymer reusable tray (hand wash only), 3 AAA batteries, oil dropper, and carrying case
  • Honey cream LEVO II infusion machine, power pod (holds 8 grams or ¼ oz), ceramic-coated reservoir (holds up to 16 oz. of liquid), silicone stirrer


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