tCheck THC and CBD potency tester with Levo Oil infuser

LEVO II Infusion Machine x tCheck

Edible infusing tools that make it easy

When the guesswork can only take you so far, we work to take you further. tCheck teamed up with LEVO so making perfectly dosed infusions at home is easy and accessible. For the edible maker, for the skincare brand owner, for the at-home grower, and more.

tcheck thc cbd potency tester save money icon

Save money on home made edibles

Take less trips to the dispensary and enjoy free worldwide shipping and returns on all your orders.

tcheck thc cbd potency tester no guessing icon

Less mess, less to guess

tCheck and LEVO work together to make the edible process precise. If you have any issues, we’re available from Monday to Friday to answer any burning questions.

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Made for everyone

Edible making should always be fun. Whether it’s your first or 500th time, awaken your inner cannabis chef without the worry of (too many) mistakes.