What's in Your Infusion?

Why You Should Test What's in Your Cannabis

Cannabis is not regulated the way Tylenol or Ibuprofen is. It's up to you to figure out what’s actually in your product. That’s why it’s best to test with a tCheck.

Challenges with Cannabis Products

The cannabis industry is heavily unregulated. As a consequence, there aren’t proper testing, labeling, or use standards. This leaves a mountain of obstacles for users like you to get past such as:

Lack of Potency Knowledge

Without knowing your product’s potency, it's impossible to determine appropriate dosages, which can lead to overconsumption.

Adverse Reactions

Unregulated products may contain high levels of THC. This can lead to adverse reactions for new and experienced users such as anxiety, paranoia, and more.

For new users, the risk of negative side effects is severe.

Lack of Accountability

Products are often produced and sold by uncertified and undocumented cannabis farms. This makes it difficult to hold anyone responsible for the harm caused by these products.

Obscure Labeling

With no label standardization, understanding cannabinoid concentration is confusing and can require all kinds of math.

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Medicinal Users

Don't risk inaccurate dosing...

Testing cannabis potency is crucial for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of medicinal cannabis use:


Overdosing can lead to adverse side effects such as paranoia, anxiety, and even psychosis.

Inconsistent Effects

Cannabis plants vary significantly, a lack of testing can result in unpredictable and inconsistent effects on patients.

Don't let potency uncertainty prevent your healing or your ability to care for a friend or family member.

Stop Inaccurate Dosing

Recreational Users

Know what's going into your batches

When making tinctures and edibles for yourself, friends, and family, you'll want to avoid:

Unpredictable Experiences

An inability to determine the appropriate dose makes achieving a consistent the desired effect impossible.

Harm to Others

Friends and family consuming untested edibles may be subject to overconsumption and negative side effects.

Make potency testing apart of every batch you make.

Take Control of Your Batch

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