Cannabis Oil Potency Tester

Cannabis Oil Potency Tester

The strain you want and the strength you need

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Dose Your Edibles

Dose Your Edibles

What tCheck could mean for you

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Is it Magic?

Not really. tCheck is an application specific spectrometer. It works by shining a specific wavelength (color) of light through the oil, then measuring the amount of light that makes it through.

What others have to say about tCheck

"You will want a tCheck if you are a medical marijuana patient who is serious about knowing or tracking their dosage of homemade oil, butter, or edibles"

"Their service was great!"

"tCheck is the cutting edge of homestyle edible preparation"

"I've been looking for a home THC test kit that doesn't require a degree in chemistry or taking out a personal loan and it's finally here. The tCheck has become an irreplaceable tool in my edibles kitchen and I literally couldn't bake without it. I LOVE the tCheck."

Dose of Your Own Medicine

There are over 1000 different strains of cannabis, each with its own blend of cannabinoids. Some of these plants have been bred to target specific ailments. When you buy pre-made edibles, you don’t get to choose the strain of plant you need. Consult with your budtender to find the variety that is best for you. Then personalize your edibles, with the strain you want, and the strength you need.

Always Confident
The right potency every time

Have comfort in finding your edible sweet spot. Making edibles might be easy, but making edibles with a consistent strength is nearly impossible. When using tCheck, measure the potency of your oils, and tailor your recipe to get consistent dosages.
Always ConfidentThe right potency every time

Instant Testing
Edibles when you want them

Once you press “GO”, it takes under 45 seconds to get the CBV, or aggregate cannabinoid by volume reading. Use the tCheck Web App to assist in adjusting your recipes and determining cannabinoid type. Never wait days to make your edibles, and never spend more money than you need to. TCheck comes with reusable slides that last the life of the device. From the moment you receive tCheck, you will have what you need make perfect edibles every time.
Instant TestingEdibles when you want them

How it Works

Steep decarbed herb in butter, ghee, or olive/ vegetable/coconut oil.
Use the dropper to place two drops of infused oil into both tray wells. Insert the tray, press run, and see the potency of your oil.
Use the built in calculator to determine how much infused oil is needed to reach the desired strength in any recipe.
Use your infused oil with confidence. Get predictable results every time.

tCheck + LEVO Oil

LEVO Oil is a device that automates a traditional method of oil infusion that's usually messy and tedious. We've partnered with them to bring you a great package deal. You can now order LEVO & tCheck for $379.99, over $100 in savings. Don't wait as stock on this special offer is limited. We guarantee your kitchen will never be the same.