Case Study

Doctor W. Oils

tCheck case study with Doctor W Oils medical cannabis
We were receiving feedback from patients that some of our batches were stronger than others, now we are able to test our products for consistency.

About Doctor W. Oils

Doctor W. Oils is a small company in Costa Rica who produce medical cannabis oils. With their small team of six employees, they have helped over 50 people with Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy or cancer in the three years they have been operating. In addition to products for people, they also make products for small pets, including cats and dogs.

Helping others is at the heart of everything they do, and their associates have dedicated all or most of their professional lives to helping others. Doctor W. Oils is also an outspoken member of the cannabis community, as a member of an alliance advocating legalized cannabis use in Costa Rica.

The challenge

Monitoring potency and maintaining consistency in cannabis products in Costa Rica is no easy task with no access to labs or formal testing facilities. The small team had to assume that the same flowers grown with the same procedure would produce the same percentage of cannabis oil. They relied on approximations and assumptions to estimate the strength of their products.

Unfortunately these assumptions worked against them. They received feedback from their patients that their batches weren’t consistent and products ranged in strength from one batch to another.

The solution

tCheck app running cannabis potency test

They discovered tCheck during a search to fulfill their aim to provide the highest accuracy of information to their patients. It was the first machine they had found that could help them test both their flower and end products. They are able to speak confidently with their patients about the strength of each oil they produce. Doctor W. Oils see tCheck as being essential to growing their business and achieving their goal of helping as many people as possible.

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