The Importance of Cannabis Homogenization

Homogenized cannabutter in a jar

What is homogenization?

The industry needs product homogenization. Without it, consumers, the market and its perception could be at stake.

— Andrew Ward

A homogeneous mixture is one in which its components are mixed in such a way that it is impossible to differentiate them with the naked eye. In short, it is being evenly distributed. Homogenization ensures that consumers get exactly what they expect every time. It’s a standard in many grocery products including yogurt, milk, and cheese and, as the industry matures, it is becoming a standard for cannabis as well.

The science behind homogenous mixture

A solute is the substance that is found in a lower proportion in the homogeneous mixture, acquires the shape and characteristics of the solvent (since it dissolves in it) and has a boiling point higher than this. The most common phase in which it is found is the solid state (although it is also found in the other states). An example of a solute is ground coffee that is mixed with hot water to make a cup of coffee.

The other component of a homogeneous mixture or solution is the solvent, which is the substance that dissolves the solute. The solvent is found in a greater proportion than the solute in a solution and determines in which phase or state of the matter this will be found. Generally, it is a liquid, being the solvent par excellence the water.

A homogeneous mixture or solution is composed of at least two substances that are in different amounts therein. The solute and the solvent.

Why is homogenization important in cannabis products?

Cannabinoids are often clumped together. Bypassing a process to evenly disburse those cannabinoids, we end up with a mix of products completely lacking compounds and containing high concentrations. This also makes it impossible to properly measure dosage.

Homogenized cannabinoids in dropper

Part of legitimizing the cannabis consumables industry, will be to follow the same standards similar food products do. Adopting homogenization as an industry standard will enable consumers to be confident in their cannabis product safety and consistency.

There are also regulations to be aware of. Lacking homogeneity accounts for many cannabis products failing regulatory tests. According to California Bureau of Cannabis Control: 68% of cannabis product regulatory testing failures are due to improper potency labeling and/or homogenization.With more states setting laws on what can be sold, every cannapreneur should research local laws and be compliant around potency and homogenization requirements to avoid business setbacks.

Incorporating Homogenization into Your Process

Contrary to public opinion, adopting homogenization isn’t overly time consuming or complicated. You can get up and running in three easy steps:

  1. Research and purchase the appropriate homogenizer for your products.
  2. Read up on homogenization techniques.
  3. Add homogenization to your post processing task list.

Like any other good habit, it's just a matter of taking the time to make it a habit.

Note: tCheck can help ensure proper homogenization by allowing manufacturers to quickly test multiple samples from their infusion batch. 

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