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Therapeutic Concepts

Thereputic Concepts customer of tCheck

About Therapeutic Concepts

Brandon is the owner of Therapeutic Concepts, a small family owned medical marijuana farm in Oregon. He started growing medical marijuana as a business with his father in 2006 and has continued to grow the family business on his own in the past ten years. He grows, on average, 180 plants a year and takes huge pride in the high quality of his plants and products. His business is expanding rapidly and everything he produces is sold by the time he starts to grow it. He grows solely for medical usage.
tCheck customer optimizing cannabis business

The challenge

Brandon has found that the increase in recreational use of marijuana has led to a decrease in the quality of the majority of products available on the market. Therapeutic Concepts grow marijuana specifically and solely for medical purposes, so are striving to ensure they maintain their high quality. In order to do this, Brandon needed a way to constantly check the potency of his flowers and products.

The solution

After receiving tCheck as a gift from his wife, he is constantly testing the THC content of his flowers to ensure that his high quality is maintained. He has saved a lot of money, as he is now able to search for the highest quality plant in his farm easily and can avoid some of the high costs and large testing samples required by labs. Brandon explained that the tCheck device has easily paid for itself in a short space of time. He found the device extremely easy to use and loves the way it connects and operates right from his phone.

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