5 Smoke Free Ways to Enjoy Cannabis

5 smoke free ways to enjoy cannabis

For many long-time cannabis fans, smoking is the only way to enjoy weed. Whether it’s in a blunt, a spliff, or a joint, lighting up cannabis nugs remains the iconic way to take in THC

Although smoking cannabis will always remain the “most traditional” ingestion method, there are other smoke free ways people can enjoy cannabis. In fact, as the legal weed market expands, customers have way more options at their disposal. Heck, in many circumstances, using a pipe may not be the best choice for MMJ patients or recreational users. 

What Are The Hottest Alternatives To Smoking Cannabis? 

Even diehard tokers must admit that other THC-infused items have advantages over smokable products. 

The Tastiest Way To Try THC — Cannabis Edibles

Interestingly, edibles may be older than smokable joints. If you don’t believe us, be sure to Google India’s bud-licious beverage “bhang.” 

While bhang isn’t as popular in today’s cannabis scene, chances are you’ve heard of edibles associated with sweet treats. For instance, brownies, cookies, and gummy bears remain immensely popular in the legal weed industry. There has also been an influx of innovative cannabis-infused products ranging from pasta and pet treats to chocolate bars and butter. 

Interestingly, many new customers claim they feel more comfortable trying cannabis via edibles rather than joints. Since edibles are sweeter and more familiar to consumers, more people seem to be willing to give them a shot. 
Also, the cannabinoids in gummies don’t hit as hard or as quickly as smokable flowers. When you swallow an edible, it has to go through your liver before passing the blood-brain barrier. This often means edibles have a weaker, slower-acting effect versus joints and bongs. While this subtler impact may be a con for tokers, it’s a big selling point for shoppers who have a low THC tolerance

If you’re going to experiment with edibles, please remember to stick with a low dosage and wait at least one hour to examine the effects. Always double-check your edible’s total cannabinoid potency with a reliable THC/CBD scanner like tCheck. This simple test will help gauge how many “cannabis cookies” are enough for your ECS.

Cough-Free Potency — THC Tinctures

THC tinctures
Smoking is a fast way to experience weed’s effects. Since cannabis smoke travels into your lungs, you should feel the full force of cannabis within a few seconds.
However, did you know a dropperful of THC extract could be as intense as a doobie? Yes, marijuana tinctures have a near 100 percent absorption rate—provided you know how to use them! 

To enjoy these high potency effects, you need to place a dropperful of your cannabis tincture under your tongue before swallowing. The tongue’s sublingual glands can absorb cannabinoids like THC and CBD into our bloodstream, which means you’ll enjoy exceptional effects almost instantaneously. 

MMJ patients and microdosers who need an accurate way to measure daily weed consumption can’t do better than tinctures. As a perk, you don’t have to worry about coughing up a storm when swallowing this intense liquid extract! 

Quick And Convenient THC Capsules

Cannabis capsules share many traits with edibles. For instance, your liver has to break down both of these products before they end up in your bloodstream. Also, when the cannabinoids in edibles or capsules flood your system, they usually have a weaker and more sustained impact. 

Of course, weed capsules aren’t as “tasty” as edibles, which may be a disadvantage depending on your preferences. On the positive side, THC capsules are the simplest way to sneak a little weed into a busy day. 

Although dosing cannabis capsules isn’t as accurate as using a tincture sublingually, they offer subtle and sustained relief. Also, as cannabis researchers look into technologies like nanomedicine, it may enhance weed capsules’ absorption rate. 

Tame Joint Pain Without Joints! — Weed Topicals 

Who said you need to take weed internally for fantastic results? Plenty of research suggests cannabinoid-infused topicals have a pronounced effect on joint pain and skin health. 

Scientists now claim we have cannabinoid receptors all along our skin. So, when you place CBD or THC on your knee, back, or wrist, they may affect pain signaling. There’s also preliminary evidence that the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in various cannabinoids could help with issues such as psoriasis, acne, and wound recovery. 

Since cannabinoid lotions can’t penetrate the skin barrier, they can’t enter a patient’s bloodstream. Therefore, patients could use cannabis topicals for localized relief without worrying about “high-inducing” effects. 

Mix Up Mealtime With MJ-Infused Recipes 

Cooking with cannabis is catching on!

While marijuana oil may never replace EVOO, it’s certainly gaining some mainstream attention with foodies. Countless at-home chefs are having fun adding CBD or THC to their favorite condiments, drinks, and main courses. 
Arguably, the best way to sneak these cannabinoids into a meal is to add them to cooking oil or butter. Not only are these ingredients super versatile, they have plenty of fat for cannabinoids to latch onto. Please remember that cannabinoids are fat-soluble, which means they’ll have a higher absorption rate with a carrier oil. 

Sure, DIY edibles may not be the “best” way to get the max benefits of cannabinoids, but it’s undoubtedly the most fun option! 

You could learn more about infusing your favorite cannabinoids into recipes with our post on the “5 Must-Have THC & CBD-Infused Cocktails.” 

Not Sure How To Take THC? Consider These Final Suggestions 

tCheck potency tester with THC gummies

Truthfully, every cannabis-infused product has pros & cons. For example, edibles are tasty and discreet, but they take longer to enter the body. By contrast, joints are intense, but they could be too potent for some customers. Also, anyone with pre-existing lung issues may not feel comfortable using smokable products. 

Finding the “best” cannabis extract will depend on what you want out of a weed experience. Please take your time evaluating the pros & cons of each product before deciding which item to purchase.

No matter which delivery method you go with, you need to double-check its total cannabinoid count. Never assume a product’s intensity score before you get a clear lab screening. An item’s THC-to-CBD ratio will always significantly affect its potency. 

To find out how a tCheck scanner could help you analyze your edibles, tinctures, and flowers, be sure to follow this link.

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