What’s THC Potency Testing?

What is Potency Testing?

If you frequent the dispensary, you’re familiar with the product labels on the back of every package. THC-__, THCA-__, CBD-__, etc. But did you know that these numbers aren’t always reliable? Even if weed isn’t legal in your state, the concept of using marijuana for physiological relief is not at all new. Early roaming humans have always indulged in the psychoactive effects of marijuana. But as time went on engineered and unethical farming practices were introduced. Drugs were sometimes laced, not properly grown, or made synthetic. 

As a result, tools like THC potency testers were made to prevent the negative side effects of an accidental overdose and provide an accessible way for users to reliably know their potency. While this preventative measure might be accessible, it isn’t commonly known by its target audiences.

In this blog, we’ll explore what at-home THC & CBD Potency Testers are and how easy it is to conduct a test. Since early explorations of weed and its level of psychoactive effects, researchers have been searching for ways to make testing easy and accessible. Now in 2023, companies like tCheck have made it happen. 

Cannabis users of any experience can perfect their THC levels with a simple 60-second test. But what is this “simple test”? What does it mean to test the potency of your cannabis? Let’s dive into it.

What is Potency Testing?

tCheck THC Potency Tester

Potency testing is crucial for the cannabis industry. These devices are made to accurately test the concentration of active cannabinoids in a given sample. This testing is important to ensure that products are accurately labeled and meet regulatory requirements. With reliable numbers, manufacturers are able to optimize their products by ensuring consistent potency levels across batches. 

Understanding Potency Testing

Potency testing involves analyzing a sample of cannabis or cannabis-derived product to determine the levels of active cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and others. These cannabinoids are responsible for the physiological and psychoactive effects of cannabis, and their levels can vary significantly depending on the strain, cultivation practices, and extraction methods.

The most common method of potency testing involves high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). HPLC is a powerful analytical technique that separates the different components of a sample based on their chemical properties. By passing a sample through a column packed with a stationary phase, the HPLC can separate the cannabinoids based on their molecular weight and polarity. The separated cannabinoids are then detected and quantified using a UV-Vis detector.

The Role of tCheck in THC Potency Testing 

One of the main advantages of tCheck is that it allows for easy and convenient potency testing at home. Not only that tCheck has an app that connects to your device. Remember how I said testing is a lot easier than you think? Well, let’s walk through the process so you can see for yourself. Here’s how to test your raw herbs.

  1. Head to the iOS or Google Play Store to download the tCheck app and connect your tCheck THC & CBD Potency Tester. If you don’t already have a tCheck account be sure to sign up before getting started.
  2. Prepare your raw flower sample by weighing 100-200mgs of flower getting as close to 200 as possible. Don’t forget to write down the weight as you’ll need it later. 
  3. Then, place your sample into the sample container. Use the stirring stick to break up the product into the size of sesame seeds.
  4. Use the syringe to grab 10 mL of reagent and slowly push it into the sample container. Screw on the sample container lid tightly, and shake your solution for 5 minutes.
  5. Use the 1 mL syringe to draw out .5mL from your solution. Attach a filter to the syringe, squeeze 3-5 drops into your reusable tray, and close it. Watch out for any bubbles as they can interfere with your results. 
  6. Next, the tCheck app will prompt you to enter the weight you wrote down from step two, the infusion temperature, and if your flower is THCa or high-CBD
  7. Wait for your device to calibrate. Do not enter your tray into the tCheck device until calibration is finished. Once calibrated, insert your tray and get results within 30 seconds.

The number you’ll see is the total of all cannabinoids- THCa and CBDa-  in your infusion. And ta-da, you’ve done it! You’ve successfully counted the number of cannabinoids in your raw flower right at home and from your phone. How easy is that? 

When you’re finished be sure you clean your reusable tray with warm water and dish soap. Do not put it in the dishwasher. Ready to ditch the guesswork?


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