What is 4/20?

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420 is a term that is often associated with weed, and over time has become a symbol for the stereotypical pothead. What began as a global movement for the decriminalization of marijuana seems to have changed connotation. But why is the actual 420 so important? What is the actual holiday?

The Origins of 420:

There are many myths and stories about the origins of 420, but the most widely accepted story dates back to the early 1970s in California. A group of high school students who called themselves "the Waldos" would meet at 4:20 pm to smoke cannabis. This is where term "420" became a code word for them to use when referring to cannabis and smoking it.

The Significance of 420:

420 has become a rallying cry for legalization in cannabis culture. It’s used across the globe and recognized by cannabis enthusiasts worldwide on this day (April 20th, 4/20) every year.

Since being coined, it’s become an important cultural reference in music, movies, and pop culture. The work of the “Waldos” has become legendary. Many songs and movies make reference to the term, and it has even become a part of the broader lexicon.

But this day is about the fight for marijuana decriminalization. In recent years, there has been a significant shift in public opinion regarding the legalization of marijuana. Is it safe for long-term use? Will it affect my memory in the future? How medicinal can it be? 

You might see many advocates in the cannabis community up the ante with their usual campaigns. And they won’t be alone.

420 and tCheck 

This year, tCheck wants to take the time to talk about the risks of not getting

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accurate potency levels.

There are many “incognito” Tik Toks out there that mask their infusion process to adhere to guidelines. Nonetheless, online infusion tutorials are obvious and might look simple on a screen. But what the canna-chefs aren't showing is how much attention they’re paying to their measurements.

Getting those milligrams for the perfect THC level is crucial. Luckily, tCheck has bundles that come equipped with everything you need to infuse so you’ll never over or underestimate how strong your potency is.

But, let’s say you just want to smoke flower. tCheck makes sure you can reliably test your raw herbs for accurate dosing too. Remember, while fun, weed is still psychoactive and affects everyone differently. Knowing how strong your product is can help avoid over-stimulating and seemingly unending situations.

See tCheck's testing bundle and ditch the guesswork for yourself. It’s easier than you think and can be done right at home and from your phone.

Eliminating guesswork with THC & CBD potency tester in kitchen

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