Tokin' By The Tube — The Best Binge-Worthy Cannabis Strains

The best binge-worthy cannabis strains

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If you ask us, it's almost as if television was designed for tokers. Now, with seamless streaming technology and increased marijuana legalization, it has never been easier for ganja fans to sit back, relax, and savor pot-infused pixelated perfection. The only issue most tokers have nowadays is choosing the perfect strain to pair with their preferred TV program.
Generally, when searching for an ideal binge-watching strain, you want to strike a happy balance between heightened attention and relaxation. While weed should help keep you relaxed, it should also enhance your senses to supercharge your aesthetic appreciation. After all, it's hard to watch the Walking Dead when you're "dead" asleep! 
Of course, this doesn't mean every binge-watching hybrid should have a 50/50 indica-to-sativa ratio. You should feel free to adjust the strains you smoke depending on what show you're watching. For instance, if you want to get goofy with Rick & Morty, energizing sativas may be the way to go. However, if you're going to get deep into Stranger Things, you may want to look for a mellower high.

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Just like choosing the best wine to pair with your aged cheese, picking the perfect pot for TV time can take a bit of trial and error. However, the suggestions below should give you a head-start when browsing your dispensary's latest menu. 

Jack Herer 

For many medical marijuana patients, "marathon-viewing" is a significant part of their stress relief strategy. And, honestly, who could blame them? What could be more calming than chilling with an engrossing Netflix series? 
Chances are, if you're one of the many MMJ cardholders, then you have a stash of Jack Herer on your shelves. This Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk hybrid is almost synonymous with "medical marijuana." However, that doesn't mean Jack Herer should solely be used for medicinal applications. Indeed, many binge-watchers have discovered this strain can seriously elevate their viewing sessions. 
With its slight sativa edge, Jack Herer will boost your creativity without making you feel dizzy or "spaced out." Indeed, many people report great success using Jack Herer to banish anxiety and boost sociability. So, the next time you're watching Friends with friends, don't forget to bring Jack Herer to the binge-fest!

Wedding Cake

While we're not denying the pleasures of eating pastries, all those treats aren't good for anyone's arteries. So, what is a stoner with a sweet tooth to do? Load up on Wedding Cake buds, of course! 
This mix of Triangle Kush with Animal Mints has all the aromatics you'd expect from a slice of sugar-drenched vanilla cake...but without the sugar! Since this strain tastes so much like a guilty treat, we'd argue it's the best strain to pair with your fave "guilty pleasure" shows. 
Just be forewarned: Wedding Cake buds often take new tokers off-guard. With Wedding Cake's high THC percentage, it may glue you to the couch after just one hit. Be sure to have your remote at the ready before taking your first dose of this creamy strain. 

Super Silver Haze

If there were an Academy Awards for cannabis hybrids, Super Silver Haze would be the winningest weed strain. Indeed, this sativa-forward hybrid has already won multiple accolades for its mind-expanding effects. 
One feature that makes this strain superb for binge-watching is its long-lasting effects. While Super Silver Haze often hits hard, it has enough Northern Lights to tame the head-rush buzz from its Haze and Skunk heritage. After a few tokes, you'll see why SSH has earned "high" marks with canna-creatives. 
While Super Silver Haze may not be the best strain for couchlock sedation, it will undoubtedly help you zip through movie marathons. Definitely keep this strain in mind when you're gearing up for uber-long series like LOTR or Harry Potter


Do you love slurping on zesty orange soda while enjoying a fast-paced action flick? If so, Tangie is a terrific strain to consider. 
First bred on the West Coast, Tangie has a bright citrus flavor and head-buzz effects. Although Tangie is described as a 50/50 hybrid, it tends to lean sativa. On the plus side, many people claim Tangie has minimal harsh side effects. 
This slight sativa edge makes Tangie a tremendous strain for enhancing focus while watching thrilling films. Whether you prefer Jason Bourne or James Bond, Tangie will make all those action sequences extra awesome. 


Just like DeNiro in The Godfather Part II, there are times when supporting actors can take center stage. While THC may always win the "best leading role," CBD is a pretty stellar sidekick. Tokers should never discount the pros of using a CBD-rich strain, especially if you're struggling to keep track of a complex show. 
Harlequin is one of the many CBD strains worthy of your bingeing batch. Made with genetics from Colombian Gold, Thai, and Swiss landraces, this mango-flavored strain has a reliable 1:1 CBD-to-THC ratio. Since CBD helps tame THC's psychoactivity, Harlequin tends to deliver a more subdued high that's ideal for concentration. 
If you're having trouble dampening mental chatter, Harlequin should help quiet your mind. This is particularly helpful if you're watching an involved movie like 2001: A Space Odyssey or Solaris. No matter how tangled the plotline becomes, Harlequin should help keep you "in the zone." 

Popcorn Kush

We can't talk about binge-watching TV without mentioning the buttery-sweet strain Popcorn Kush. Not to be confused with low-grade "popcorn buds," this rare hybrid has all the flavors you'd expect with cinema's quintessential kernels plus hints of cheese, berries, and earth. People fortunate enough to try Popcorn Kush also claim it has a noticeable indica edge with intense feelings of relaxation. 
While Popcorn Kush may not be the easiest strain to find, it's arguably the most "traditional" compliment to a binge-watching session. But don't worry too much if you can't find Popcorn Kush at your local dispensary. You could always microwave a bag of popcorn to quell those marijuana munchies! 

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