The Best Daytime Cannabis Strains - A Guide to MJ in the Morning

The best daytime cannabis strains--a guide to mj in the morning
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Experimenting with MJ in the morning? Finding the best daytime cannabis strains can be a game changer! Cannabis may never dethrone caffeine as the world’s most popular stimulant. However, some weed fans have replaced their coffee beans with sativa buds. Heck, some adventurous cannabis fans have begun experimenting with cannabinoid-infused coffee!

While we’re not sure whether “cannabis coffee” actually works, there’s no doubt that certain cannabis strains could boost creativity and productivity. However, it's tough to pick the perfect strain that will enhance mental focus without gluing you to the couch.

It’ll take a bit of experimentation to determine your ideal strain and dose for early morning use. However, with tools like the tCheck Potency Tester, it’s getting easier to figure out the best weed for the wee hours of the morning. 

Should You Always “Rise & Shine” With Sativas? — Tips For Using Weed In The Morning

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According to conventional wisdom, you should stick with sativas early in the day. Although there’s great debate over the “indica vs. sativa system,” chances are sativa-rich strains will provoke energizing properties. By contrast, indicas usually induce a “lazy high” that’s best used before bedtime.

However, that doesn’t mean you should blindly pick a batch of sativa nugs and hope everything goes well. In fact, there may be occasions where full-bred sativa strains aren’t the best choice for daytime use.

True, sativas often help people enhance productivity, but they also have a nasty reputation for triggering paranoia. People who are already “high-strung” may notice increased anxiety if they opt for sativas. In these cases, patients may experience better results if they microdose well-balanced hybrids throughout the day.

Speaking of “microdosing,” please remember the amount of cannabis you take will drastically alter its effects. Interestingly, a trial from the University of Illinois tested the impact of moderate vs. low doses of THC. People who only took low-doses of THC seemed to handle high-stress situations better than those in the moderate THC group.

Although indica strains could induce sedation, it may not be a big deal if you’re only taking a small amount. By the same logic, intense sativa strains may only give you a pleasant “head buzz” at lower doses.

To avoid disrupting your daily productivity, we’d recommend experimenting with a conservative microdosing strategy with whatever strain you’re interested in. People who need help with anxiety relief should look for hybrids with a solid reputation for relaxation. Conversely, people who need an “energy boost” should focus on strains that consistently rank in the “wake & bake” category. 

The Best “Wake & Bake” Buds — Excellent Options For A Morning MJ Sesh 

Honestly, most sativa-leaning hybrids are the best option for daytime use. These daytime cannabis strains tend to have enough “kick” to get you going without provoking paranoia.

Each of the following strains has a strong reputation for waking users up without crazy side effects. 

Jack Herer

American weed activist Jack Herer would be proud to know his namesake strain has been a boon for MMJ patients. Countless cannabis fans still use Jack Herer as their “go-to strain” for daytime relief. Thanks to Jack Herer’s well-balanced high, it’s an ideal choice for those interested in a mix of relaxation and euphoria.

Although Jack Herer is a sativa-rich strain, it has heavy traces of the full-bred indica Northern Lights. The fusion of sativa and indica traits helps produce Jack Herer’s “head buzz” effects, which are often compared with a mild cup of coffee.

While Jack Herer may feel like a cup of java, it certainly doesn’t taste like one. This strain has a delightful mix of citrus and earthy terpenes with a slight hit of black pepper. 

Pineapple Express

Please don’t associate Seth Rogan’s on-screen antics with the Pineapple Express strain. Sure, Pineapple Express could give you the giggles, but it’s also an excellent choice for people who are serious about productivity.

Like the other strains on this list, Pineapple Express leans sativa with an average 60/40 percentage. Although this strain has significant THC levels, the “high” isn’t as intense as you might expect. Unlike strains like Green Crack, Pineapple Express provides a clear-headed mental lift with just the right amount of body-heavy relaxation.

Plus, who could resist the distinctive tropical flavors this strain is named for? Anyone who loves a mix of dank and sweet aromatics will love adding this strain to their morning routine. 

Chocolate Thai

If you’re struggling with daytime fatigue, you may need an extra-strong strain like Chocolate Thai. Unlike the other options on this blog, Chocolate Thai is a full-bred sativa. Even if you’re microdosing this strain, it will have pronounced euphoric properties.

However, since this strain is a landrace, it wasn’t explicitly bred for high THC concentrations. Therefore, most Chocolate Thai nugs only have THC in the high teens. While this is still enough to produce “head buzz” effects, it shouldn’t provoke paranoia at low doses. People who use Chocolate Thai often report greater creativity, chattiness, and energy throughout their workday.

Another benefit of using Chocolate Thai is that it tastes similar to mocha coffee. If you’re looking for a true coffee alternative, Chocolate Thai may be the best flavor substitute. Just keep in mind this strain typically has a spicy aftertaste! 


How could you not put a hybrid called “Lifter” on a list of morning strains? The Oregon breeders behind Lifter make it very clear what this strain’s primary effects are.

Interestingly, Lifter has almost zero THC content. Instead, this sativa-forward hemp hybrid has roughly 20 percent CBD.

So, when you smoke this fruity and woodsy hybrid, you won’t experience a psychoactive “high” sensation. Instead, users often report a subtle increase in focus and stamina throughout their workday.

People who can’t tolerate THC are the ideal candidates for a batch of Lifter nugs. While this flower may not be the most “potent” option, it’s a solid choice for folks who want a gentle boost throughout their day. 

Blue Dream 

Blue Dream’s name throws off many cannabis fans. Interestingly, the “dream” in “Blue Dream” doesn’t refer to its effects. Instead, early cannabis cultivators were impressed that this strain was such a “dream” to grow.

In reality, Blue Dream is a sativa-forward hybrid that expertly blends Haze’s uplifting properties with Blueberry’s relaxing qualities. With average THC in the twenties, this fruit-forward strain immediately provokes euphoria and a noticeable “creative high.” Artists may want to try Blue Dream when they’ve got a bad case of “writer’s block.” 
No matter your line of work, Blue Dream could help you quit daydreaming and get stuff done! 

Avoid “Dazed Days” With A tCheck Potency Tester! 

A lot of finesse goes into planning a daytime cannabis schedule. Unlike nighttime sessions, you never want to take too much cannabis during the day. If you take the “wrong” strain or go overboard, it could negatively affect your productivity.

We strongly recommend microdosing your weed during the day, especially if it’s your first time. Typically, people who take a sub-perceptible amount of their favorite strains experience the best results in their daytime mood and work performance.

The easiest way to accurately microdose your cannabis is to invest in a device like the tCheck potency tester. Whether you’re using tinctures, flowers, or edibles, our tCheck potency tester could give you a clear picture of your pot’s potency. 
To learn more about how to use tCheck’s devices, please check out this link.

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