What does it test?

tCheck tests ghee, clarified butter, olive oil, and coconut oil. It will also test regular butter but be sure that only the butter fats and not milk solids are placed into the sample tray for testing. It now tests alcohol based tinctures. We are still working on vegetable glycerin and other oils and we will keep you informed of our progress. In addition, a concentrates kit is in work.

How often do i need to buy trays?

We guarantee that the slides will last the life of the device. For the first year get free replacement slides on us.

What is tCheck and how does it help people?

The process for making recipe is to first infuse an oil or alcohol with botanicals. This infused oil is then used in a recipe just like you would normally use butter or another oil. The problem, however, is that without knowing the strength of your infusion, it is impossible to know the strength of your recipes. tCheck measures the strength of your infusion so that you can accurately and consistently make recipes with the desired potency.

What is CBV?

Much like ABV or alcohol by volume, CBV is a measure for total amount of botanical compounds dissolved in the oil or other liquid. CBV is expressed in terms of milligrams (mg) of per milliliter (ml) of liquid. So, if your CBV is 4 mg/ml, then a tablespoon, which is 14.8ml, has 59.2mg of total botanical compounds. The tCheck Web App on tCheck.me gives you a botanical compounds breakdown or type. It also can be used to adjust your recipes.

How accurate is tCheck?

Measurement error is +/- 10%. Since the results are represented in mg/ml, accuracy will be +/- 10% of that number. For example, if tCheck measures your infusion at 15 mg/ml, actual potency may be between 13.5 mg/ml and 16.5 mg/ml.

How is this different than a lab test?

A lab test will provide myriad details such as ratios of each botanical compound, pesticides, terpenes, microbials, and other contaminants. tCheck provides a total infused CBV number. The results are analogous to your cholesterol test. The quick way is for your doctor to use just a tiny drop of blood from a pin prick. This quickly measures total cholesterol. The second, more accurate method, involves fasting overnight, taking a few test tubes of blood. This method may take several days but gives you a very detailed breakdown including HDL, LDL, triglycerides and more. tCheck is analogous to the first quick and easy method.

How is the tCheck Certified and Verified?

tCheck accuracy will be tested and verified by an impartial 3rd party testing company. This same company tests and certifies the High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) machines and over instruments used by the lab facilities. tCheck has also completed Underwriter Labs (UL) test & measurement device safety certification as well as EMC testing. Several labs will be beta testers, ensuring a final level of cross testing to ensure accuracy.

Protection Impairment

Please follow the specific tCheck operation instructions in our User Guide. In the event of misuse, the device has been designed to provide advanced circuit protection.
This includes:
-Excessive current during charging or discharging
-Short circuit
-Over voltage or overcharging of the Lithium Ion Battery

Return Policy

You can return your tCheck device within 30 days if not completely satisfied. Once received a refund will be issued immediately. Visit our Support site or send an email to support@tcheck.me to request a return.

tCheck Measurement Ranges

Butter -- 0 ~ 10 mg/ml, Coconut oil -- 0 ~ 10 mg/ml, Olive Oil -- 0 ~ 15 mg/ml and Alcohol -- 0 ~ 8 mg/ml