Who is tCheck for?

Who is tCheck's THC & CBD Potency Testers for?

Who is tCheck for?

The tCheck cannabis potency tester can be a game-changer for both hobbyists and serious small cannabis businesses. Here are the five primary groups that can benefit from owning a tCheck at-home cannabinoid tester

Edibles Makers

tCheck THC & CBD potency tester with scale, olive oil, and kitchen tools

Whether you’re a weekend brownie maker, a cottage business, or a commercial operation, tCheck’s potency tester can make your life a whole lot easier. Sharing homemade edibles usually involves a ton of guesswork, even if you’ve done all the complicated math involved in calculating the potency of your recipes. 

Different cannabis strains have widely varying THC contents. If you’re using homegrown cannabis you can only rely on average THC levels based on Leafly or other internet strain profiles. Even if you’re buying lab-tested dispensary weed, the labeled cannabinoid content could be wrong. Unfortunately, there is plenty of corruption between huge cannabis corporations and unscrupulous labs that leads to mislabeled buds.

Additionally, infusions can be weaker or stronger based on the type of carrier oil you use and the amount of time you let your infusion cook. It’s nearly impossible to produce a perfectly dosed edible each time. 

Then there’s the obligatory test of trying the edible yourself before sharing it with others. Sure, that will give you some sense of how strong your edible may be, but everybody reacts differently. One of your friends who smokes all day could get floored with a ¼ dose, while an entire edible could have little effect on another person.

It gets even more complicated if you’re starting a craft edibles business. You’ll inevitably get those customers who swear that the latest batch is too weak, dismissing any notion of tolerance building. With tCheck, you can be sure that each edible is precisely dosed, and you can feel confident that the product you sell is consistent. tCheck not only can tell you the exact potency of your infusion, but it has an onboard recipe calculator so you can offer your clients flawlessly dosed edibles.



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Growers can use tCheck to test both the potency of their buds and any extracts they make from trim, kief, or shake. As we’ve already mentioned, testing your product before sending it to the lab can save tons of money. If you’re a small cannabis farmer, the cost of lab testing can make the difference between creating a profitable business and insolvency.  

Smaller growers usually can’t afford an in-house lab. tCheck can allow boutique growers to verify their potency before sending their product off to a third-party lab for an official COA. 

Cosmetics Manufacturers

With cosmetics like medicinal topicals, you won’t have to worry about your clients experiencing unwanted psychoactive effects. However, if your CBD cream isn’t potent enough, it won’t produce the desired therapeutic outcome. It’s basically a waste of money for the buyer, and your business won’t see many return customers. 

An effective CBD topical should have at least 5-10 milligrams of cannabidiol per milliliter of carrier. There’s no real way to know the exact strength without lab testing, which, as we’ve mentioned earlier can cost a bundle when outsourced. tCheck’s at-home cannabis potency tester is way more practical for cottage topical businesses. You can always send your product to a third-party lab later if you choose to expand your operation and need independent Certificates of Analysis for your growing cannabis cosmetics enterprise.

Medical Marijuana Patients/Caretakers

Dosages can be dramatically different depending on the intended therapeutic use. For example, a person dealing with anxiety, PTSD, or mild osteoarthritis wouldn’t generally need nearly as high of a dose as someone struggling with cancer or epilepsy. Different conditions may also benefit from products with combinations of THC and CBD in unique ratios. A 1:1 ratio may work best for one condition, while another ratio would be ideal for another.

Furthermore, each person’s physiology is different. A dose that resolves health issues or manages pain for one person may not be nearly enough for another patient. tCheck can help ensure that medical marijuana patients can get consistent dosages every time. The at-home potency tester can also help MMJ patients track their tolerance.

You’ll also want to ensure that you’re administering correct dosages to pets and farm animals. The last thing you want to do is freak out your pet or give them an ineffectively low dose of their cannabis-based medications.

Cannabis Advocates and Consultants

Cannabis advocates can use tCheck to educate the public about the importance of correct dosage. They can also use the device to check the authenticity of commercial cannabis product labeling.

Cannabis educators and consultants will also want to demonstrate how dosage affects each individual differently. Unfortunately, it’s an impossible task without accurately measured products. Of course, we want to teach beginners the concept of “starting low and going slow,” but having precisely dosed edibles and concentrates can make things much simpler.

If you fall into any of these five categories, tCheck’s at-home THC/CBD potency tester will make your life a whole lot easier. And at the low price of $299.99 for the basic unit, tCheck is an investment you can’t afford to miss out on.

Eliminating guesswork with THC & CBD potency tester in kitchen

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