“Know Thy Canna-Customer” — Tips For Gauging Cannabis Consumer Patterns

Tips for gauging cannabis consumer patterns for small businesses

Even if you’re new to the business world, you’ve probably heard the saying, “The customer is king (or queen!).” Just like good authors keep their readers in mind, successful entrepreneurs adjust to their customers’ demands. After all, you could have the “best” buds in the biz, but what does it matter if no one wants them? 

If you want to succeed in this space, it’s essential to keep tabs on the contemporary cannabis consumer. It’s no secret that today’s pot smokers are pickier than in previous decades. Not only are there more marijuana products available, customers are using cannabis for different reasons. Gone are the days when tokers only wanted to “get high.” In fact, many cannabis customers don’t want the highest THC strains. 

Tips For Engaging Your Cannabis Consumers 

New cannabis businesses can’t afford to make assumptions about what their customers want. To be successful in this competitive field, entrepreneurs need as much data as possible to back up their business strategies. 

Keep On Tweeting! — The Importance Of Social Media 

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If you went to Sunday school, you might remember these wise words, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find.” While this advice was spiritual, it also makes a lot of business sense. If you want to know what your customers want, just ask them!

While this may sound simplistic, you’d be surprised how many businesses still haven’t built robust social media profiles. Whatever segment of the cannabis industry you’re in, it’s never a bad idea to join sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Not only will these sites give you increased exposure, they will clue you in on what customers want.

But please don’t wait for customers to engage with your social media page. The best cannabis businesses play a proactive role in their online community. If you’re struggling to determine a new product line, why not post a poll on social media? You could also “test the waters” for new product launches by asking questions or sending new ads. These simple strategies will give you an idea of what your customers need. 

Never Neglect IRL Events

While building an e-presence is “e-ssential,” entrepreneurs shouldn’t forget about in-person events. In addition to giving your brand a “personal touch,” IRL events can give you great insight into consumer preferences. 

Indeed, one of the greatest benefits of hosting IRL events is that you could test new product launches on customers. Possibly, you could also hand out samples and gauge consumer enthusiasm in person. 

If you don’t have a brick-and-mortar location, you may want to consider joining cannabis-themed conventions in your area. Typically, LinkedIn posts dozens of marijuana-related events throughout the year. Online retailers could also consider hosting live-streamed events to drum up excitement and measure customer satisfaction. 

Use POS To Track Customer Patterns

When entrepreneurs evaluate cannabis POS systems, compliance should be their primary concern. However, you shouldn’t forget about your customer’s experience when choosing a POS software. Using the right POS system can take all the stress out of analyzing consumer patterns.

Be sure to ask your potential POS partner how its software tracks each customer’s purchase history. Many POS systems also offer SMS texting, loyalty programs, and automatic emails to help you engage customers. While these convenient features may cost extra, the data they provide can help you make wiser business decisions. 
Ideally, you should schedule a trial run before committing to any POS company. Note how easy it is to work with this software and what effect it has on your customers. If your POS provider doesn’t offer a free trial, you must know about its cancellation policy.

Learn From The Complaints — Invest In Rockstar Customer Service

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No matter how great your business is, some customers will have an issue. Hey, even companies as big as Apple have nay-sayers! However, that doesn’t mean entrepreneurs can’t use this “manure” to “grow” a more successful business. 
While it’s never pleasant to hear complaints, try your best not to take them too personally. Indeed, the longer you ignore customer queries, the less likely your brand image will improve. The most successful businesses invest in a solid customer care infrastructure to resolve conflicts and figure out what their customers want. 

For the best results, try to offer customers multiple ways to get in touch with your team. Along with social media, you should consider traditional call centers, Live Chat features, and SMS texting. The more ways customers can communicate with you, the better chance you can address their concerns promptly and professionally. 
When someone has a complaint about your business, please don’t put it on the backburner! Build a robust customer service department beforehand so you could resolve issues and learn what your customers need. 

What Are Canna-Competitors Doing? — Carving Out Your Niche 

As you’re developing your cannabis brand, please don’t forget to factor in the competition. The cannabis space is growing rapidly, which means customers have many dispensaries to choose from. Be sure to ask yourself: “Why would customers visit my shop versus nearby retailers?” 

Of course, the first step to answering this question is to figure out what those other stores are offering. Take a few days to visit nearby cannabis shops and take note of what customers are saying. You should also analyze how your business will distinguish itself from the competition. 

For instance, if most cannabis retailers in your area are focused on dabs and concentrates, focusing on CBD products or microdosing goods might be a winning strategy. You could even get more specific by targeting one area of expertise like cannabis for sleep health, anxiety relief, or pet wellness. The more focused your business model is, the easier it will be to compete with established shops. 

As you’re formulating your brand identity, be sure to use all of this research to your advantage. Knowing exactly what you’re up against can help you carve out a niche in this increasingly competitive business. 

Compliance & Quality Never Go Out Of Style 

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Consumer patterns can be incredibly fickle, especially in the cannabis space. However, customers always need to know their cannabis is compliant and high-quality. No marijuana shop will succeed if they can’t provide accurate lab analyses for their goods. This is especially true if you’re offering DIY products like edibles or fresh-pressed rosin. 

The easiest way to guarantee the purity of your products is to use a device like the tCheck potency scanner. In just a few moments, our portable scanners can give you accurate cannabinoid readings on extracts, edibles, and flowers. To learn more about how tCheck’s scanners help businesses thrive, be sure to visit this webpage.

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