The Best At-Home THC Potency Testing Device

tCheck 2 Device thc & cbd potency testing

You need to know how potent your cannabis is for dosing, growing, or infusing. You're looking for fast and accurate results, but you don't want to spend thousands of dollars on what's essentially a 1960s IBM machine. In short, you need a tCheck at-home THC Potency Tester that'll check all your boxes and spare your wallet in the long run.

Why tCheck Potency Tester?

Compact and Convenient

tCheck 2 Device THC potency testing

The tCheck 2 devices were designed for convenience, starting with their size. Every potency tester is 1.97 x 0.79 x 0.79 inches. In simpler terms, they're no bigger than a retro GameBoy, an iPhone 4c, or that pocketbook tCheck won't take too much money from (unlike an HPLC machine).

Not only that, tCheck's devices pair right to your phone, adding more to the cause of ease. Just download the tCheck app, test your product, and always have your results in your pocket.

Reliable Technology

tCheck THC potency testing app

The definition of reliable, according to Google, is "consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted," and the tCheck 2 devices live up to the term. But how accurate are the tCheck 2 devices with real data and results?

As a quick rundown, tCheck potency testers have a testing range of 1 to 15 mg/ml for infusions, 1 to 40% for flower, and 1 to 99% for concentrates. And with a simple digital face, results are always easy to read so anyone can understand their numbers.

No matter how much product you need to know the potency of, your device will last for over 1000+ tests with an unlimited log for results. Accurate results. Simple numbers. No Guesswork.

Fast Results

A lack of potency knowledge shouldn't postpone cannabis' healing highs. That's why the tCheck 2 devices deliver results within 60 seconds of testing. With a simple preparation process and an unending collection of testing resources, you can perfectly dose, recreationally medicate, or bake perfectly potent delicacies with tCheck!

Easy on Your Wallet

tCheck 2 Device thc potency testing

Your final concern is the price point. tCheck understands the importance of properly dosing prescribed cannabis for physical and mental ailments. Unlike industry standard testing machines that range anywhere from $3000-$60,000, tCheck gives you the power of potency for only $399.99 with a guaranteed 6-month warranty. That means you and your loved ones can always accurately dose and soothe body pains without relying on expensive dispensaries with shoddy potency measurements.

Take the Guesswork Out of the Equation 

Don't let the guesswork and confusing math go on any longer. Get your tCheck testing device today and get testing right away.

 tCheck 2 THC & CBD Potency Tester in cannabis field

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