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11 ways to use leftover cannabis pulp

11 Ways to Use Leftover Cannabis Pulp

A common dilemma always pops up when people make their own infusions: what to do with all of that leftover cannabis pulp, also known as sludge. Many people throw it away, thinking it’s useless, but...

canna chefTHC infused thanksgiving stuffing

Infused Herb Stuffing: Cannabis Recipe

With Thanksgiving week upon us, I wanted to make an easy-infused stuffing. Luckily, Santa came a little early for me this year, so I had a chance to play with my new canna-gadget, the tCheck 2 Devi...

CannabinoidsDecarboxylation decarbing defined. What is decarboxylation?

Decarboxylation Defined – The How, What and Why of Decarbing

If you're planning on infusing anything, you need to be hip to decarboxylation. Before you get to baking sweet treats, raw flower must be made-- "infuse-able". Let's dive deep into the term and the...

Cannabisemulsification and adding lecithin to edibles

An Emulsification Sensation: The What, How, and Why of Adding Lecithin to Edibles

Do you want to know the secret ingredient in cannabis edibles? No, it’s not “love”—it’s lecithin! Chances are you’ve already seen a few edibles recipes that call for this fatty compound. Heck, ther...

CannabisHow to store cannabis infusions like a pro

How to Store Your Cannabis Infusions Like a Pro

There’s nothing worse than spending hours concocting the perfect cannabis infusion just to have it go bad or lose potency before you get a chance to use it all. Now that you've mastered measuring t...