tCheck THC Potency Tester's Cannabis Tips

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How do Endocannabinoids Effect Exercise: THC and Exercise

Cardio & Cannabinoids — What Does The Endocannabinoid System Have To Do With Exercise?

What does the endocannabinoid system have to do with fitness? Everyone in the medical community agrees that fitness is fantastic for physical and mental health. Although plenty of studies confirm t...

Cannabinoidstincture with tCheck-- a beginner's guide to diy cannabis tinctures

Tincture With tCheck: Beginner’s Guide To DIY Cannabis Tinctures

DIY cannabis tinctures are making a comeback — and for many good reasons! These traditional alcohol-based extracts pack a considerable punch without aggravating your lungs. Medical marijuana patien...

CannabidiolFive must-have thc & cbd infused cocktails for your holiday gathering

5 Must-Have THC & CBD-Infused Cocktails for Your Holiday Gathering

Delicious cocktails are an integral part of all holiday celebrations. We’ve compiled five of our favorite infused beverages to help you get into a festive mood. There are similar recipes with non-a...

CannabinoidsDecarboxylation decarbing defined. What is decarboxylation?

Decarboxylation Defined – The How, What and Why of Decarbing

If you're planning on infusing anything, you need to be hip to decarboxylation. Before you get to baking sweet treats, raw flower must be made-- "infuse-able". Let's dive deep into the term and the...

CannabidiolCaffeinated cannabidol CBD coffee

Caffeinated Cannabidiol - What's The "Buzz" Behind CBD Coffee?

Manufacturers have put CBD in a lot of odd edibles recently, but coffee is undoubtedly the most "stimulating." Interestingly, one of the reasons so many people are adding CBD to their coffee is to ...

CannabinoidsTHC tolerance and the science behind THC tolerance

Not Getting High? Give T Breaks A Try! - The Science Behind THC Tolerance

THC may be magical, but its effects are not everlasting. In fact, the more frequently you smoke marijuana, the faster you’ll build a tolerance to high-THC strains. Thankfully, there’s an easy hack ...

CannabinoidsWhat is cannabigerol? tCheck guide to CBG cannabigerol

CBG: A Comprehensive Guide to Cannabigerol

Ancient healers intuitively knew that cannabis plants were rich with therapeutic potential. But for nearly a century, prohibition caused cultivators and consumers to concentrate on one ingredient: ...

appUnderstanding your tCheck Potency Tester and Use for Recipes

Understanding your tCheck Potency Tester and Use for Recipes

Congratulations on your tCheck purchase!  With it, you can measure the potency of your oils so that you can dial in the exact amount you want in the recipe. But, what does tCheck's result mean? At ...