Understanding your tCheck Potency Tester and Use for Recipes

Understanding your tCheck Potency Tester and Use for Recipes

Congratulations on your tCheck purchase!  With it, you can measure the potency of your oils so that you can dial in the exact amount you want in the recipe.

But, what does tCheck's result mean?

At the dispensary, dry buds usually have potency labels that say something like 18%.  Edibles are usually shown in terms like 10mg.  For edibles, the 10mg label tells you the total amount of cannabinoids in that serving of edible.  For example, you get 10mg of THC in each cookie.  In buds, you have to do a bit of math.  If the label says 20% and you have 1g of bud, then there is a total of 200mg of cannabinoids if you consume the entire bud. 

When you infuse the bud into butter, the cannabinoids dissolve into the butter fats.  So, if you soak 1g of the 20% bud into an ounce of butter, you’ll get 200mg of cannabinoids in that ounce of butter.  1 oz is 29.6mL.  200mg / 29.6mL = 6.8mg / mL. 

This is assuming perfect extraction of all cannabinoids into the butter and that the label is exactly perfect.  As we all know, there is a lot of variation from bud to bud.  There are also a lot of factors that influence how well the cannabinoids are extracted into the butter.   

tCheck measures the actual amount of cannabinoids that got into the butter.  This way, you don’t need to worry about optimal extraction processes, or bud labeling, or math. 

Let’s say that you are making a batch of 2 dozen cookies which calls for a stick of butter.  And, let’s say that you want a dose of 5mg in each cookie. 

The tCheck app has a handy dandy calculator which can help you figure out how much to use.

Take this example: 

  • *CBV = 6.8mg/mL (This is a measurement result from tCheck )
  • Total oil in recipe = 1 stick 
  • Number of servings is 24 
  • Desired dose = 5mg 

The app will tell you that you’ll need to mix 1-1/4 tbsp of infused butter with 6-3/4 tbsp of regular plain butter.  With that blend, you’ll get cookies that are 5mg each. 

*CBV stands for Cannabinoids By Volume.  In other words, the amount of cannabinoids in an amount of liquid.  The app can help you convert this to mg of cannabinoids per mL, teaspoon, tablespoon, ounce, or other unit of measurement. 

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