Keep Your tCheck in Tip-Top Testing Shape

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Start your testing journey with a clean slate! Although it may look and feel like a normal plastic tray, the tCheck testing tray is anything but ordinary. Intuitively designed with accessibility in mind, our reusable testing tray protects your cannabis samples from start to finish.

While it may seem like an afterthought, keeping your tray clean and protected in between tests is an essential step in ensuring accurate results time after time. To help keep your tray in tip-top shape, we've compiled our best tray care & cleaning hacks. Happy testing!

Technology TLC - How to keep Your tCheck Device in Tip-Top Shape

The tCheck tray is designed to minimize oil spillage into the tCheck device. However, accidents can happen! Thankfully, spillage clean up is a breeze. In the event that oil escapes the tray and leaks into the tray slot, we recommend you use a Q-Tip to gently wipe the spilled oil. After the oils have been removed, you may continue cleaning your device and tray by using 91%+ isopropyl alcohol on a Q-Tip to clean off any remnants that may remain. Be sure to remove the batteries from your device prior to cleaning.

To minimize potential oil spillage, we recommend you keep your tCheck device on a flat surface while testing is in progress. This will minimize the risk of leakage while keeping your sample safe and secure.

A few things to keep in mind when cleaning your device:

  • Do not use any petroleum-based cleaners.
  • Do not pour alcohol directly into the slot.
  • Do not attempt to disassemble the device as this will invalidate the calibration and void the warranty.

Protect Your THC Tools - Tips for Safely Storing Your tCheck Device

Finding proper storage for your tCheck keeps your mini cannabis lab safe and accessible. After testing, we recommend storing your clean tray directly inside the device slot to keep everything protected and easy to find. Keep both the device and tray away from direct sunlight and high heat. For long-term storage, we recommend that the batteries be removed.

Need Help With Your tCheck? We've Got You Covered

tCheck is built with YOU in mind. We're confident our THC potency tester will revolutionize your cannabis experience and we're here to help you every step of the way. That's why all of our devices come with a "satisfaction guaranteed" 6 month warranty (from date of delivery). If your device is under warranty, you are eligible to return it for a replacement.


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