An Extra Hungry High - Which Cannabis Strains Are Best For The Munchies?

Which cannabis strains are best for the munchies

Appetite stimulation has never been weed’s MO. Even if tokers like “the munchies,” most are only interested in getting “high.” However, now that medical marijuana is widely accepted, some patients have begun using weed as an appetite stimulant. Scientists are also interested in using marijuana to alleviate nausea-related issues. 
While most THC strains give tokers the munchies, not all cultivars are fit for foodies. Heck, some strains might not make you hungry at all. To find the best ganja flower for dinner hour, it’s essential to scan each strain’s terpene and cannabinoid profile. These crucial metrics will help you determine whether a strain will make you ravenous. 
Note: None of the data below is intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any illness. Be sure to speak with an accredited doctor before adding medical marijuana to any treatment regimen.

Why Does Cannabis Make Us Crave Food?

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Scientists don’t know everything about the “mechanics of munchies,” but what they’ve uncovered is already pretty fascinating. For instance, a study from France found that mice who took THC had a heightened sense of smell. Researchers concluded this enhanced olfactory sense might make eating more enjoyable, thus increasing appetite. 
Otherstudies suggest THC may stimulate the production of the “hunger hormone” ghrelin. Some scientists also say THC may trigger an increase in the neurotransmitter dopamine, which plays a crucial role in feelings of pleasure while eating. 
All of this research strongly suggests the cannabinoid delta-9 THC is most responsible for influencing our perception of hunger. By triggering all of these biological processes, THC can mimic the sensation of starvation. So, the higher your strain’s THC percentage, the more likely it will give you the munchies. 

How Do Terpenes Tantalize Our Tastebuds?

There’s little doubt THC plays a central role influencing a strain’s “munchies potential.” However, that doesn’t mean other cannabis compounds are inert. 
For instance, aromatic terpenes seem to exert physiological effects on users. Although there’s not much research on how terpenes affect appetite, most scientists agree these smelly compounds can alter the endocannabinoid system. There are also many anecdotal reports suggesting certain terpenes increase (or decrease) appetite. For instance, many tokers claim strains high in myrcene, limonene, or alpha-pinene have appetite-stimulating effects.
If you want to stimulate your appetite, then you should be extra cautious around the terpenes beta-caryophyllene and humulene. According to most reports, these spicy terpenes may have appetite suppressant effects. 
By the way, you could learn more about how terpenes work in this previous tCheck blog post

Can Hemp Give You A Hankering? — What We Know About CBD And Appetite

From easing back pain to relieving social anxiety, it seems there are few things CBD can’t do. However, one thing advertisers don’t talk about is how this cannabinoid affects appetite. Since hemp and marijuana are cannabis variants, most people expect them both to trigger the munchies. Interestingly, recent research suggests that’s not the case. 
According to the latest data, hemp CBD won’t make you ravenously hungry. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t land directly on our CB1 receptors, which means it doesn’t trigger the release of hunger hormones like ghrelin. In fact, since CBD can block THC from landing on our brain, it may suppress the intensity of your munchies.
While CBD shows little potential as an appetite stimulant, some researchers claim it has anti-nausea properties. So, while CBD won’t make you crave chips, it may reduce the aversion some patients feel towards food. CBD’s anti-anxiety effects may also make it easier for foodies to enjoy their meal. 
As the research stands today, people who are most interested in the “munchies effect” should prioritize strains with a higher THC percentage. Please be sure to double-check your strain’s THC-to-CBD ratio with a tCheck scanner to better understand its effects. 

The Best Buds For Your Belly — Five Cannabis Flowers That Will Get You Famished

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Generally speaking, strains with high THC levels will make you super hungry. However, there are a few specific strains that have entered the “munchies hall of fame.” Here are a few flowers that are sure to get those gastric juices flowing.

Sweet Cheese

If you’re torn between citrusy sweet and skunky cheese, then you’ve got to get your hands on the Sweet Cheese hybrid. Sweet Seeds breeders created this sativa-leaning hybrid with a blend of Cheese and Black Jack. Despite its sativa dominance, Sweet Cheese has surprisingly intense indica effects such as mild sedation and muscle relaxation. 
As for the munchies, most users say they feel hunger cravings in spurts throughout their smoke session. Since the munchies aren’t “full on” intense, this may be a perfect strain for those dealing with nausea-related issues. 

Girl Scout Cookies

In the cannabis world, GSC needs no intro. This renowned mix of Durban Poison and OG Kush is frequently touted as one of the best strains of all time. Tokers constantly rave about this hybrid’s sweet flavor and super high THC counts. Oh yeah, GSC also tends to turn tokers into “Cookie Monster!” Be sure to have a box of Tagalongs nearby as you toke this legendary strain. 
FYI: many other strains in the Cookies lineage are well-known for their “munchies” effects. If you can’t find GSC buds, be sure to look for famous variants like Thin Mints, Animal Cookies, or White Cookies for an “appetizing” experience. 

Big Mac

Big Mac buds may not taste like a McDonald’s burger, but you’ll probably be craving some fast-food after smoking this strain. Made with a blend of Mikado and BC Big Bud, Big Mac is an indica-dominant strain with deeply relaxing effects. Generally, people who enjoy this strain say it has a predominately citrus flavor and a slightly sedating effect. So, if you ever want a "Big Mac attack," Big Mac buds are where it’s at! 

Florida Lemons

Citrus fruits like lemon have long been hailed for their anti-nausea properties. So, when you combine pungent terpenes with plenty of THC, you’d better believe you’ll get a case of the munchies! 
One citrusy strain that’s worth a try is the hybrid Florida Lemons. As the name suggests, this indica hybrid has heavy traces of the terpene limonene, which gives it a delightful sweet & sour scent. Made with a cross of Florida OG and Lemon OG, Florida Lemon has a mellowing effect that’s best reserved for later in the day.

Tahoe OG

Named after Cali’s Lake Tahoe region, Tahoe OG is one of the premier OG Kush phenotypes. While this strain is most famous on the West Coast, it has garnered praise across North America for its ridiculously high THC content (~ 20 percent). Indeed, this earthy strain’s THC count is so high it’s not recommended for beginner tokers. 
However, if you’re an experienced toker, you can use this strain for appetite stimulation. Just be sure you’ve completed all your tasks for the day, because Tahoe OG will make you feel very lazy. 

Want To Know If Your Strain Will Make You Salivate? Try Our tCheck Scanner! 

Every toker has a different opinion on the munchies. While some patients love this effect, others complain it takes them out of the “zone.” Thankfully, there’s now a scientific way you could gauge a strain’s effects on your appetite: use a tCheck scanner! Our simple-to-use devices have everything you need to figure out THC and CBD percentages. This invaluable data will give you a preview of your strain’s expected effects. 
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