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tCheck. Your trusted home cannabis potency tester

Measuring the strength of your raw flower, oils, and more has never been so easy! Take the hassle out of your harvest and get to know your bud better.

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tCheck. Your Trusted Home Cannabis Potency Tester

Measuring the strength of your raw flower, oils, and more has never been so easy! Take the hassle out of your harvest and know your bud better.

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Join hundreds of others taking the guess work out of potency

  • “I can’t say enough about the tCheck device! It’s really helped me assure I’m dosing the right amount and not over or under dosing for clients. Thank you I love this device.” –Michelle

  • “Game changer! No more guessing what my doses are. I make tinctures for frineds and family and they have been extremely happw with what I have provided.” –Noelle

  • "Just purchased my second Check potency tester after a friend had to have it as soon as I showed it to them. The tester is used mostly for flower and it does an excellent job of distinguishing hemp/cbd from real bud. In our area of the US hemp being labeled as real is a normal occurence due to the easy access of hemp." - John

  • “I have used the tCheck 2 over the last two years and have found it’s a rapid, accurate way to check concentration when making different formulations. I have compared the tCheck 2 results with 3rd party lab testing and was amazed by it’s accuracy.” –Jon


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How does it work?

In less than 5 minutes, know your infusion, bud, or concentrate potency.

  1. 1) Select your infusion

    Choose the oil, butter, or alcohol you will be testing.

  2. 2) Put 5 drops of your infusion into the tray

    If using flower or concentrates, you can make a quick infusion with our expansion kit.

  3. 3) Run a test

    Run a test right from your phone with the tCheck app.

Learn more about tCheck

The easy-to-use device that puts the power of potency testing into the community's hands. Get to know the content of your flower and infusions - right from the comfort of home.

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Accuracy is our middle name

Whether you’re testing oils and tinctures, or want to know the quality of your cannabis bud, tCheck gives you cannabis confidence.

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Empower Your Cannabis Experience

Knowledge is power. Explore your cannabis practice with confidence and peace of mind.

  • Edible Makers

    Dial in your recipes and get control over your batch consistency.

  • Growers

    Know what your crop is worth by measuring the potency percentage before you go to market.

  • Caretakers

    Maintain a consistent medicinal dosage for yourself, family, and friends.

Your phone is your testing partner

With the free tCheck app, you can perform potency tests, log test results for later, and calculate the right dosage for you.

  • Test Results Log
  • Recipe Calculator
  • Testing Tutorials

Skip The Guesswork – This Is Important

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