– the first ever mobile herbal infusion potency tester

A new era of testing

Introducing tCheck 2. Accurately test your infusions,
flower, and concentrates*. From anywhere.

*Expansion kit required to test flower & concentrates

Test it.
60 seconds to test your infusions. 5 minutes to test your flower and concentrates.
Know it.
tCheck 2 allows you to personalize, with the strain you want, and the strength you need.
Love it.
Quick and easy lab quality testing at a fraction of the cost.

Who should test?

In a budding industry, consistency is key. From seed to sale, accuracy in knowing the potency is vital. Whether you’re in the field or in the kitchen, you need to know where your products stand.

Why test?

Knowledge is king. Know your source, know your strain, but most importantly, know your potency. Be confident in what you grow, make, buy, and consume.

How it works

The tCheck App

Make potency testing easier! The tCheck app brings control to you and what you use most, your phone. Run your tests, log your results, review previous results, use the CBV calculator to calculate the dose of your recipes, and more. Test your strains and keep track of what works best for you.

What people say

Donna C.
I have so much confidence in my edibles since I began using tcheck!! I can't imagine going back to before!! I know the dosage of every single thing I make or bake :)
Josh D.
The unit came yesterday and I was able to use it and put a real number on our capsules. No more guessing! This allowed me to match that potency in the next batch of coconut oil I made.
Rose N.
I love my little machine!! It makes things so much easier for me, so thank you!
Herb Co
For all of us do-it-yourselfers who want the pride of taking control of our own health and the health of our loved ones, tCheck is finally an answer.
Wake + Bake
I've been looking for a home infusion test kit that doesn't require a degree in chemistry or taking out a personal loan and it's finally here.
C-Now Magazine
tCheck is the cutting edge of homestyle edible preparation
B & C
You will want a tCheck if you are a medical patient who is serious about knowing or tracking their dosage...

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