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Elevate your cannabis and culinary experiences with confidence as tCheck empowers you to measure the potency of your favorite herbs, oils, and more from the comfort of your own home.

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How it works

Select your infusion

Choose the oil, butter, or alcohol you will be testing.


Put 5 drops of your infusion into the tray

If using flower or concentrates, you can make a quick infusion with the expansion kit.


Run a test

Run a test right from your phone with the tCheck app.


Learn more about tCheck

Explore the future of potency testing with tCheck in action! Watch our informative video showcasing the seamless and accurate testing process using the tCheck Potency Tester. Dive into the world of precision and reliability, and discover why tCheck is your ultimate choice for at-home cannabis and oil potency testing.

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Unpredictable Experiences

Key Points of tCheck potency tester

An inability to determine the appropriate dose makes achieving a consistent the desired effect impossible.

Easy to understand results
Results in under 5 mins
Tons of testing options
Reusable testing tray
Portable and durable
Run 1000+ tests

Common Questions


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