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tCheck Classic Manual

tCheck makes it easy to measure the potency of your infused oils and create recipes with exactly the strength that you need.
CBV Calculator tCheck’s patented technology measures infusions in:
  • Ghee / Clarified Butter
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Alcohol
Oils such as coconut oil and butter must be warmed to a clear liquid state before measurements can be performed. When measuring butter, please be sure to only use the clear butter fats. Milk solids will throw off the measurements.

How to run a test

Ensure the sample tray is not inserted into device when powering on.

Place tCheck on a flat level surface and turn on by pressing the black power button.
  1. Open the sample tray by separating the top and bottom halves.
  2. The top half can be identified by the tCheck logo, put this aside for now.
  3. Place the bottom half of the test tray on a level surface, place a few drops of infused oil into the circular well area.
  4. Now place the top half of the tray onto the bottom, it’s OK if a small amount overflows out of the circular well area.
  5. Ensure that there are no bubbles in the circular well area.
If you are experiencing issues with excess bubbles try reseating the top tray by lifting it slightly from and placing it back down.

Ensure that the excess oil stays within the overflow area and does not flow out of the tray.

Insert sample tray into device then select:


Follow the on-screen instructions.

When the test is complete, remove tray and wash with dish soap and warm water.

Only use the soft side of a sponge. Abrasive cleansers or scouring pad will damage the tray.

To turn off the device, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.

The device will also automatically power off after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Interpreting your results

After the test is complete, your results will be displayed in mg/ml.

You can now take your test results and use them in the CBV Calculator to adjust your recipe accordingly

Result displayed as OVER means infused potency is stronger than tCheck is able to measure. To determine the strength you must draw a measured quantity of infused oil, Mix with exact equal quantity of un-infused base oil and perform measurement. Double the result shown by tCheck will give you the measurement of the original infused oil.

If you get OVER (Dilution):

Due to the physics that tCheck uses to make measurements, there are certain limits to what it can measure. The analogy is using a ruler to measure the length of a dinner table. With a bit of care, it can be done with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

The procedure is:

Step 1 Measure out a volume of your infusion

Step 2 Measure out 2x the volume of the base oil

Step 3 Mix thoroughly

Step 4 Use tCheck to measure the potency of the diluted solution

Step 5 Multiply the measurement reading by 3

WiFi Configuration

tCheck has WiFi capability for updating firmware. Usage information is not collected nor transmitted back to Engineered Medical Technology without your knowledge. There is no personal identifying information contained within the device.
Configuring WiFi
  1. From the “Home” screen, tap Settings button.
  2. Tap “WIFI” to scan for available networks.
  3. Select your network
  4. Enter your network password using the onscreen keyboard, then tap “OK”
If you would like to change networks at any time simply repeat steps 1 through 4

Taking care of your device

  • Do not immerse or submerge tCheck device
  • Hand wash sample tray & swizzle sticks with soft sponge and liquid household dish soap.
  • Do not wash sample tray in dishwasher, high tempature water will deform the plastic.
  • Never store a used tray or clean tray in the tCheck unit. Always remove the tray and store both the tray and tCheck in the reusable case.
  • Touchscreen may be cleaned with a damp soft cloth. Do not use any cleaning fluids or compounds on touchscreen.

Firmware Updates

Periodically, you may receive an email message notifying you that a new firmware version is available.

Updating Firmware
  1. Device must have at least 50% charge or be plugged in to the wall.
  2. Remove the tray from the device.
  3. Ensure that Wifi has been enabled & configured on your device.
  4. From the Home screen, tap Settings button
  5. Tap the “FIRMWARE UPDATE”  button
  6. If new firmware is available, you will be prompted to download it.
  7. Press “OK” to update
  8. Please DO NOT POWER OFF device during the installation process.
Once the firmware is successfully installed, the device will automatically restart.

Technical Specifications

Operating temperature 50℉ ~ 100℉ (10℃ ~ 38℃)
Measurement range Butter:  0 ~ 10 mg/mlCoconut oil:  0 ~ 10 mg/ml
Olive Oil:  0 ~ 15 mg/ml
Alcohol: 0 ~ 8 mg/ml
Accuracy The given result has an error of ±10%. This means that a reading of 10 mg/ml could have an actual value ranging between 9-11 mg/ml
Internal battery 50 tests or more per full charge2 weeks standby time 4 hours to fully charge battery
Voltage Micro USB 5 Volts


Situation   Cause Solutions
Dark screenTurns on briefly, then immediately powers down Battery not charged Plug micro-USB into charger
Inconsistent or obviously incorrect readings Calibration error Re-calibrate device from home screen, select ‘Settings’ -> ‘Calibrate’ and follow on-screen instructions.
Improperly inserted tray Ensure that tray is pushed completely into the device. The tray should feel snug.
Result screen shows ‘OVER’ Infused potency stronger than tCheck is able to measure. Draw a measured quantity of infused oil. Mix with exact equal quantity of un-infused base oil and perform measurement. Double the result shown by tCheck.
Device does not power up when plugged in Internal circuit protection mechanisms triggered Change USB charger and cable.If the device experienced an over-voltage or over-current event during charging, it may need to be returned to the factory for maintenance. Please contact tCheck.
Oil spilled into the device Contact us at support.tcheck.me
Other issues Contact us at support@tcheck.me.

  • Burn hazard – infused oils may be hot. Handle with care.
  • Some recipes may suggest using liquids that are flammable. Your usage of such materials is at your own sole risk. Any damages are your own responsibility.
  • tCheck uses Ultraviolet (UV) light that may be potentially harmful if exposure to skin or eye is prolonged. While exposure is unlikely, avoid placing your eye against the sample tray slot opening during device operation.
  • tCheck uses a lithium rechargeable battery. If tCheck needs to be disposed of, please use environmentally approved recycling centers
Important Safety Instructions:
Engineered Medical Technologies reminds you that when using tCheck or any electric appliance there are safety precautions that you should always follow.
  1. Read all instructions before operating appliance.
  2. This device may be recharged by any standard USB charger.
Many of us already have multiple USB chargers, in an effort to reduce waste a USB charger has not been included with this kit. If, however you need a charger we would be happy to send you one. Please email us at support@tcheck.me. or submit a support ticket.

  1. To protect against electrical shock, do not wet or immerse tCheck device, power cable, or charger (charger not provided) in water.
  2. Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug.
  3. Use of any accessory attachments not specifically recommended or sold by Engineered Medical Technologies may pose a serious risk of injury. See warranty details.
  4. Do not place boiling oils or liquids into testing tray.
  5. Extreme caution must be used with moving appliance containing hot oil or other hot liquids.
  6. tCheck is NOT a medical device in any way. No statement made about tCheck has been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration, tCheck is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. [US 21 C.F.R. 101.93(c)].
  7. Do not overfill test sample tray. Leakage out of the tray into the tCheck device may damage internal electronics. See warranty details.
  8. Do not install tray upside down. Leakage into the device may occur and damage internal electronics. See warranty details.
  9. Do not use tCheck for other than intended use.
  10. Do not open or disassemble tCheck as there are no internal user serviceable parts. See warranty details.
tCheck2 and accessories require a reservation payment. Your card will be charged now. Estimated shipping time is 2-3 business days. Taxes, shipping, and discounts will be applied at checkout.