Concentrate potency is super critical

Cannabis concentrates are only getting better, test your yield for extraction efficiency.

Find max potency

Better control yield and efficiency

Identify areas of cannabinoid loss

"I needed to make sure my team is producing in a consistent manner."

Janet runs a rosin startup out of Ventura, CA. Yield and quality are her top priorities, and she was struggling with ensuring that each of her production associates was meeting her expectations. Janet needed a way to track her manufacturing processes and quickly test her team's output. She started using tCheck to measure both her incoming material and her final product. Using this data, she could measure consistency from her staff and refine her training techniques.

Dial in your controls and increase your efficiency

With so many variables for making concentrates, being able to determine what you're doing right and what might need some tweaking, can be invaluable. tCheck offers insight into what changes increase your yield and what increases your efficiency. Perfecting your process means less time and energy spent towards making a better product. Making a better product means everything at the end of the day.

How do I test the potency?

From closed-loop to rosin press, all you need to test any concentrate is provided in our Expansion Kit, to go along with your tCheck. Here's what you need:

  • 50-80ml of concentrate
  • tCheck
  • Expansion Kit
  • 6 minutes of your time

tCheck, along with the Expansion Kit gives you everything you need to do 9 concentrate tests. Need to test more? Just order another bottle of reagent.

We make testing concentrates easy

When you log in to the free tCheck app, you can see test results history in the user log. You can add notes about that test, such as what strain it is, or the nutrients for that grow. You can track the progress of how green your thumb is with real, live potency testing- in the palm of your hands.