Harvest the highest potency

Whether you are in a grow room or on the field, tCheck gives you more control over your crop.

Improve strains through custom hybrids

A/B test crop

Harvest at peak potency

"We bought our tCheck so we are able to test our flowers and products at home"

Brandon is the owner of Therapeutic Concepts, a small family owned medical marijuana farm in Oregon. He grows and sells high-quality products on a small scale. He was gifted a tCheck device by his wife and has found it to be a useful and cost-effective device for testing the potency of his products. He uses his tCheck as an alternative to lab testing wherever possible, due to its low cost and the small sample you need to test your flowers.

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Determine your THCa percentage in a pinch

With just a pinch of plant, testing your cannabis on the spot for THCa gives you a leg up over the competition. Your crop may look and smell amazing, but is it sitting at 15.6%, or soaring at 27.3%? State guidelines vary on testing for contaminates like pesticides, or heavy metals but everyone wants the strongest strain to hit that top shelf.

We can help you determine which strain has the highest THCa so you can choose which plants to pull, and which ones to process into concentrates instead.

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How do I test the potency?

Whether this is your first crop, or you're a seasoned green thumb, we have designed tCheck to be simple enough for virtually anyone to use. Here’s all you need:

  • A pea sized nug that is at least 60% dried
  • tCheck
  • Expansion Kit
  • 5 minutes of your time

tCheck, along with the Expansion Kit gives you everything you need to do 10 flower tests.

Track each test right from the tCheck app

When you log in to the free tCheck app, you can see all your past test results in the user log. You can add notes about that test, such as what strain it is, or the nutrients for that grow. You can track the progress of how green your thumb is with real, live potency testing- in the palm of your hands.

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