Dependable potency for the people who depend on you

As a designated caregiver, you hold a large responsibility. They trust you to care for them and you need to trust what you’re giving them.

Consistent dosing

Control every step

Personalize care

"I had no idea what the right dose was, with tCheck I do."

Geoff cares for his wife who is suffering from intense pain after being in a severe car accident last year. Upon recommendation from her doctor, Geoff purchased 1000 mg of CBD lotion and sourced good Indica cannabis from a friend. Geoff soon realized that he needed something to measure the potency of the Indica and the best dosage for his wife. Geoff purchased a tCheck and Kit to determine the optimal dosage for his wife.

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From soil to oil, control every aspect of their medicine.

Being a caregiver is an emotionally, physically, and mentally taxing job but it is a job and to do the job correctly, you need to have the right tools. tCheck was created because one of our friends had this exact problem. We want to enable all caregivers and their patients to properly dose with confidence without being limited to the choices available to them.

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How do I test the potency?

Whether your patient is being treated with concentrate or infused treats, tCheck has you covered. Here’s all you need:

  • 50-80ml of concentrate
  • tCheck
  • Expansion Kit
  • 6 minutes of your time

tCheck, along with the Expansion Kit gives you everything you need to do 10 concentrate tests.

We ensure you are able to give the dose they expect

You and your patient have way too much going on to be worrying about dosing consistency. With the tCheck app, you can track their medible infusions with the Log feature and the calculate the right dose with the app calculator.

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