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tCheck 2 FAQs

Potency Patty October 3, 2019 0 comments

What Can It Measure?

tCheck 2 will be able to measure isolates and winterized concentrates infused in clarified butter, coconut oil, alcohol, and extra virgin olive oil. With the Expansion Kit, you can test for THCa in raw flower and concentrate.

We measure isolates for CBD and THC infusions in coconut oil (MCT), alcohol, and extra virgin olive oil. We measure THC only in clarified butter, not CBD or THCa.

What Phone Devices Will be Supported?

Any phone running iOS 11+ and Android 5.0+ with Bluetooth LE (4.0) support.

Are There Consumables or Additional Costs per Test?

tCheck 2 is shipped with a re-usable tray. Individual trays are paired with devices. For oil/alcohol infusion tests, there are no additional consumables.

What Kinds of Batteries Can It Use?

Three (3) AAA Alkaline, lithium, and NiMH. Do not use NiCd.

Will the tCheck App Work With the tCheck Classic?

No, the tCheck Classic has a screen to control the device. Measurement results will not be automatically imported from tCheck Classic into the app.

Will Other Botanicals in the Infusion Throw off the Measurement?

It depends on the botanical. For isolates we recommend that you infuse the material first, test, then infuse the other materials. For flower material, we recommend you test your flower before you decarb and infuse.

What Is CBV?

CBV stands for Compound by Volume. Total aggregated active compounds.

I See That There Are Measurements Buttons for Decarboxylated and Non-Decarboxylated. What Is the Difference?

Various botanicals (THCa (Non-decarbed), THC (Decarbed), CBD (Decarbed)) have different UV absorbencies at each wavelength. tCheck adjusts the wavelength and intensity of the light to target the botanicals being measured.

Does It Measure VG, Honey, Hemp, or Other Oils that are not Listed?

Because tCheck does not have the ability to measure these oils directly, you can still use tCheck to achieve a relative potency. The absolute number will not be exact. Use the coconut oil setting to perform your measurements every time and you can compare one batch against another. Because we add capabilities and enhancements based on customer demand, please fill out the “wish list” with your vote on the base you want (e.g. VG, honey, grapeseed oil, etc.).

How Accurate Is tCheck?

+/- 15% of the reading at full scale. tCheck provides the results in terms of Milligrams of botanicals per volume of liquid such as milligrams per milliliter. If your result is 15 mg/ml, then the margin of error is +/- 2.25 mg/ml. The repeatability of measurements is also within +/- 15%. Because temperature plays an important role in the accuracy of the measurement, all calibration testing is performed with the device and analyte temperatures at 75°F (24°C). Butter is calibrated at 105°F (40°C). See How Accurate is tCheck?

What is the Measurement Range for the tCheck?


Olive Oil: 1 ~ 15 mg/ml

Butter/Ghee: 1 ~ 15 mg/ml

Coconut/MCT Oil: 1 ~ 15 mg/ml

Alcohol Tinctures: 1 ~ 15 mg/ml


Flower: 1 ~ 40%

Concentrate: 1 ~ 99%

What Kinds of Alcohol Can It Test?

tCheck 2 is calibrated with 99.9% alcohol. Since water absorbs UV, added water will interfere with measurements. Reasonable results can be achieved with alcohol that is

  • 95% (190 proof) or more is the most efficient at extracting cannabinoids. 
  • 40% (80 proof) is much less efficient and will take much longer to extract the cannabinoids from the plant. 
  • Anything that is ~20% (40 proof, i.e., wine), will unlikely be able to extract many cannabinoids which will result in a very low reading.

Certain chemical compounds (i.e., sugars) in dark alcohols will skew the reading, so it’s important to make sure that you’re using clear-or-light colored alcohol when testing with the tCheck 2.

99.9% Isopropyl alcohol is available to purchase in bulk through the tCheck website Accessories page.