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Flower & Concentrates kit

It tests flower and concentrate for THCa. Supported concentrates include: Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO), Wax / Crumble, Shatter, and Resin / Rosin
It can be safely poured down the drain. DO NOT INGEST!
50~150 mg of plant material is needed.
10~15mg of concentrate material is required.
Flower should not left in the reagent for longer than 5 minutes.
Not yet. At this time, the flower / concentrate kit is only available in the continental United States. As we receive shipping approval in other regions, the kit will be made available.
At this time we do not support testing hemp flower because we do not support CBDA. We are hoping to add a feature in the future to support hemp testing.
Please contact us at support@tcheck.me to purchase more reagent. The reagent refill comes with a dozen 100mL bottles of the reagent.
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