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TCheck is capable of testing infusions that are made with coconut oil, clarified butter (ghee), olive oil, and alcohol. We are working on getting other bases, such as glycerin, on the device. These updates will be available by updating the firmware via WiFi.
With everything but MCT oil, the sample should be in liquid form. If the sample is cold, and solidified, it will not work. Do not pour boiling butter or oil in the tray, as it will damage it. If the butter or oil is warm enough to be in liquid form, that is good enough. Once the sample cools and solidifies though, it will give different results, as the light can not read the sample accurately.
No, tCheck only works with liquids. Plant matter in the sample tray, even small bits of it, will affect the test results. Liquid samples should be strained for all plant matter before testing.
Nope! The device does not hurt the sample, and you can still consume the small amount in the tray after testing if you wish.
Any number you get as a result is a measurement of all the herbal compounds present in the sample. For example, 4.5mg/ml means in 1 ml of the liquid, there are 4.5 mg of herbal compounds. You can easily view this in terms of teaspoon, tablespoon or percentage if you like, by using the drop down menu on the results screen. Our online calculator can also help you figure out how much or little to use in a recipe to get the desired strength per serving.
This question of dosage, or how many mg is the right amount for you, is something only you can answer, since every individual's body is different. Some are far more sensitive than others in this regard. Fortunately, with tCheck, you will finally know how many mg you are consuming. You'll have a better idea of what the right amount is for yourself, since you no longer have to guess how much you have consumed. When in doubt, start with a smaller dose, and gradually increase it until you know what is right for you.
The device works because herbal compounds absorb UV light and because we know the thickness of the liquid the light passes through. By measuring the amount of light that gets absorbed, we can calculate the concentration of the infusion. Bubbles create a pocket that allows light to pass through, unhindered. Consequently, this results in a lower, inaccurate reading. Essentially, the more light that passes through, the lower the potency.
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