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Potency Testing Plus (No Reagent)

$500.00 $399.99 USD

With the Potency Testing Plus bundle, you have everything you need to test the potency your raw hemp & cannabis buds, concentrates, and infusions.


⚠️ This version of the Potency Testing Plus Bundle does not include reagent and is designed for customers outside of the US & Canada. See the description for more information.


Bundle includes (all contents listed in the description):
• tCheck 2
• Flower & Concentrate Expansion Kit


Orders are fulfilled and shipped within 10 business days.

  • Measures total cannabinoid concentration in the following types of extracts & concentrate:

• Hemp & cannabis buds, shake and trim

• BHO extracts

• CO2 extracts

• Isolates, distillates, & crystals / diamonds

  • Measure THC or CBD concentration in:

• Infused butter

• Infused coconut oil / MCT

• Infused extra virgin olive oil

• Infused clear alcohol


Bundle includes:

  • – tCheck 2 device
  • – 1 reusable tray
  • – 3 AAA batteries
  • – Eyedropper
  • – Scale
  • – 20 .22um filters
  • – 2 10ml syringes
  • – 20 1ml syringes
  • – 3 sample containers
  • – 3 concentrate spoons
  • – Swizzle stick
  • – Quick start guide

Note: This bundle does not include the reagent.  Customers must supply 99.9% Isopropyl or Ethanol.  10ml of reagent is required for each test.  This bundle may be shipped globally.

Weight 2.06 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 6 in

Black, Blue, Green, White

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What can I test with tCheck?

Accuracy: +/-15% Full scale (+/-2.25 mg/ml) Alcohol Butter MCT Coconut
Extra Virgin
Olive Oil
Winterized THCa Isolates
Winterized THC Isolates
Winterized CBD Isolates

tCheck does not support Non-Winterized THCa isolates, Winterized CBDa Isolates, Non-Winterized CBDa Isolates, or
Non-Winterized CBD Isolates at this time.

What is winterization?

Winterization is a refinement process where waxes, lipids, and chlorophyll are removed. tCheck is unable to directly measure these other non-cannabinoid plant compounds and some may affect tCheck’s sensor.

Measurements for infusions based on plant and non-winterized concentrates are calibrated, but not to a reference standard. These measurements assume a certain amount of other compounds and are adjusted accordingly.

Accuracy: +/-4 mg/ml Alcohol Butter MCT Coconut
Extra Virgin
Olive Oil
Decarbed THC flower Feature in Development Feature in Development
Raw THCa flower Use Raw Flower Test
tCheck does not support Raw CBDa hemp flower at this time.
Accuracy: +/-15% Full scale (+/-2.25 mg/ml)
Sativa cannabis
Indica cannabis Unable to test for 0.3% THCa content
tCheck does not support CBG rich strain or CBN rich strain at this time.
Accuracy: +/-15% Full scale (+/-2.25 mg/ml) THCa CBD
Butane Hash Oil (BHO)
tCheck does not support THC and CBDa concentrates (not commonly available) or CBN and CBG concentrate at this time.