This expansion kit provides all the materials needed to properly test your flower and concentrates using your tCheck 2. Each item included has been carefully selected to ensure the highest level of testing accuracy with tCheck 2. Kit includes:
• Milligram scale
• 100ml of compound extraction reagent (ability to do 9 tests)
• 3 reusable test tubes
• Swizzle stick
• Sample application eye dropper
• 3 measurement spoons

  • 12 month subscription to Compound Breakdown
  • Ability to run 9 tests with 100ml bottle of reagent

We can ship anywhere in the US & Canada. More locations coming soon.

As we near the official shipping date, we will provide constant updates regarding the status of production. 
 Before we ship, every tCheck 2 and the kit will be carefully tested. Our goal is to get you testing with tCheck 2 by December 2017.

Concentrate on potency
For less than $5 a test, you’ll know the strength and quality of your products. See in real time, if your new fertilizer really helped your crop, or if you are ready to harvest at max potency.
Easy to use
4 steps to results. No science degree needed, no special chemicals to mix or colors to analyze. Clear digital results, time after time.
No more labs
No need to drive to a lab, or mail a sample. Say goodbye to waiting or paying extra to expedite your results. Test what you make or buy when you want, where you want.

Set up is simple with the tCheck app

Set up is simple with the tCheck app

1. Weigh your flower or concentrate

2. Put the flower in the reagent and mix it all up

3. After 5 mins, place a few drops onto the tray

4. Press “GO” and know!

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What's Included

Test tubes, Spoons
Swizzle Stick, Eye Dropper, Syringe

Frequently asked questions about Expansion Kit

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Flower and all concentrate derivatives


80-120mg of flower material
10-15mg of concentrate material
10ml of t2 Special Reagent

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