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5 Tips For Using Cannabis Outside — Enjoy Ganja In The Great Outdoors

Enjoy Ganja in the Great Outdoors-- Tips for Using Cannabis Outside

It's no secret that enjoying some top-notch ganja in the great outdoors is a summertime favorite among stoners. Although dozens of states have legalized recreational pot, many tokers are still wary of lighting a joint in the great outdoors. Although there's nothing wrong with enjoying dank nugs indoors, cannabis has a way of "elevating" our appreciation of nature. As the weather gets warmer, it's increasingly desirable for cannabis smokers to enjoy an outdoor smoking session.

5 Tips For Using Weed Outdoors

If you're thinking about packing some pot on your next outing, there are a few things to consider. Even though many states have recreational cannabis laws, pot smokers can't start smoking any strain in broad daylight. If you want to be "in the clear" while you're in the clear, you need to plan your outdoor weed session carefully.

Discretion — The "Highest" Priority For An Outdoor "High"


Using Cannabis OutdoorsSince cannabis is still a controversial substance in the USA, tokers have grown accustomed to figuring out sneaky ways to use this drug. While cannabis users enjoy greater freedoms in many states, please remember local governments don't take kindly to smoking in public places. Also, most private businesses probably won't appreciate you lighting up on or near their property.

If you want to toke outdoors, you still need to place an extreme emphasis on discretion. Even after you know it's legal to smoke outside, you should find a relatively secluded spot where your smoke is unlikely to cause a stir. Better yet, consider more discreet delivery methods like vaporizers or edibles. Since most states aren't big fans of citizens using cannabis outdoors, you must keep your sessions as low-key as possible. 

Focus On "Pot Portability" When Packing

After you've figured out how to keep your cannabis use as discreet as possible, it's time to turn your attention to portability. Although it would be sweet to hit a bong by the beach, it's not practical to bring bulky & breakable units outside. It's challenging to carry dab rigs in a backpack; plus, they don't fit in with our discretion theme.
When shopping around for weed items like pre-roll joints, vaporizers, or edibles, be sure to envision yourself carrying them on your journey. Determine how big and heavy these products are by looking at the weight and dimensions before buying them.

If you're opting for a vaporizer, you should also look at its battery life. Obviously, you're not going to find many outlets in the great outdoors! Always go with a unit that'll last for your entire trip. 

Review Which Strain Best Suits Your Activity 

Tips Cannabis Outdoors

Cannabis fans already know that different weed cultivars provide unique effects. Therefore, you should expect certain strains to work better (or worse!) with different outdoor activities.

For instance, if a strain has a reputation for sleepiness, it's probably a better "beach bum" bud than a "hike up that mountain" nug. Conversely, you probably want an energy-inducing sativa strain to motivate you before a big climb.

While the indica vs. sativa distinction is crucial, you also have to consider your strain's cannabinoid and terpene percentages. Strains with higher CBD levels will provide a more focused and clear-headed sensation versus high-inducing THC strains. Also, there's a lot of evidence that aromatic terpenes can induce different effects.

The best way to get a good read on your strain's effects before heading outdoors is to scan your nugs with a tCheck scanner. Our convenient at-home testing kit will help you understand how to dose your cannabis outdoors after determining its potency.

FYI: If you want more info on the best strains for daytime use, be sure to read through this previous tCheck blog

Before Lighting, Please Remember To "Leave No Trace"

Although summer is a season of "fun in the sun," it's also a common time for wildfires. Sadly, millions of Americans have lost their lives or homes due to these destructive flames. These facts are extra sobering considering humans spark 90 percent of wildfires each year!

As you might've guessed, one of the common triggers for wildfires is tossing burnt cigarette butts on flammable materials. While the Insurance Information Institute didn't call out cannabis smoke in its most recent report, this situation is more likely nowadays in recreationally-legal states. As more people have access to marijuana, the chances of a negligent cannabis-fueled forest fire go up.

While it's safer to use a vaporizer or edible versus a paper joint, we appreciate that some tokers enjoy the flavors and effects combustion provides. However, if you're going to light your weed outdoors, you need to practice extreme care when disposing of it. Please never toss your roach anywhere you want! You should douse your cannabis with water when you're done to ensure it's 100 percent out before throwing it away in a designated trash receptacle.

Not Every Forest Is Weed-Friendly! — Look Up Local Reefer Regulations

Cannabis Regulations
Understandably, summer is the peak season at many of America's National Parks. Although there aren't many bad things to say about these awe-inspiring parks, pot smokers must remember these sites are on federally-protected land. So, even if you're in a state with recreational pot laws, you won't enjoy the same legal protections in these attractions.

Places like Yosemite, the Everglades, and the Grand Canyon will still treat cannabis as a Schedule I substance. So, if you're caught "green-handed" in these hot destinations, you could face extreme penalties.

If you're traveling to a federal territory on your outdoor sojourn, do yourself a favor and leave pot at home. Please always review the policies wherever you choose to visit so you understand whether it's legit to vape your lit buds. 

Final Warning — Always Be Wary Of Outdoor Weed Restrictions!

We've mentioned the legality of smoking weed outdoors a few times in this post, but it bears repeating! Just because your state legalized recreational weed doesn't mean you can smoke on a park bench. You may find there's no leeway for smoking outside in some territories. There are also severe penalties for stashing and smoking cannabis in your car, so please be extra careful on any planned "summer drives."

tCheck wants you to have fun enjoying weed outdoors, but we also want to ensure you're "in the green." Please review the current restrictions on outdoor smoking in your area to have a safe, fun, and legal outdoor weed experience.

Get to Know Your Bud Better with tCheck

Eliminating guesswork with THC & CBD potency tester in kitchen

At tCheck, we're passionate about cannabis education and de-stigmatization. That’s why we developed the tCheck cannabis potency testing device, a quick and easy way for you to get an accurate reading on the THC or CBD content of your infusions—right from the comfort of your kitchen. Just add a drop of butter, oil, or tincture to the slide, insert the slide into the tCheck device, push a few buttons, and Voila! tCheck’s digital screen will tell you exactly how much CBD or THC is in your infusion.

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