The Importance of Using a Recipe Calculator for Your Cannabis Edibles

The importance of using a recipe calculator for your cannabis edibles
Most herb-connoisseurs have found themselves in this position at one time or another: You’re planning a weekend camping trip with friends, and you thought you would liven up the occasion with some cannabis-infused granola bars.
You’ve prepared all of the ingredients, and you’re determined not to repeat that time when you attended the opening night of your best friend’s stage debut and slept through the whole second act. Moreover, you certainly won’t want to spend the entire camping weekend talking one of your newbie friends down from a bad trip.
So, you prepare your game plan for nice, lightly-dosed granola bars, which means splitting the pan into exactly 24 servings of 5 mg each. You get out a pencil and paper and start the tedious process of calculating how much of your coconut oil infusion you’ll need for each serving.
Cannabis infused granola
You start scribbling and biting your pencil anxiously. Online recipe calculators can help, but one input error can lead you to spend the entire trip sleeping in your tent instead of going on that long hike you had planned.
“Ugh, there’s got to be another way!” you finally sigh in frustration, snapping your pencil in half.
Enter tCheck.

tCheck Digital Recipe Calculator for Edibles

tCheck’s pocket-sized cannabis potency device not only tells you precisely how much THC or CBD is in your infusion. It also comes equipped with a handy digital recipe calculator. tCheck’s onboard calculator will tell you exactly how much of your infusion to add for the potency you’re aiming for. No more guesswork or taste testing.

How to Use tCheck’s At-Home Cannabis Test Kit

Using tCheck’s cannabis test kit is a whole lot easier than doing complicated math or sending your infusions out to a testing lab every time you want to make a tasty cannabis-infused treat. You simply fill the reusable testing tray with your infusion, insert the tray into the tCheck device, and use the smartphone app to get your results. Within minutes, you’ll find out exactly how much THC or CBD is in your butter, tincture, coconut oil, or olive oil.
CBD reading from tCheck
tCheck makes dosing edibles even easier with our user-friendly recipe calculator. First, enter the strength of your infusion, which you determined with your tCheck device. Next, input the amount of coconut oil you need for your entire granola bar recipe. Lastly, tell tCheck how many milligrams of CBD or THC you would like for each dose.
That’s it! tCheck’s digital readout will let you know exactly how much of your infused coconut oil and how much regular oil to add to your recipe. tCheck’s onboard recipe calculator even lets you switch between units of measurement, including milliliters, teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, and ounces.
With tCheck’s help, you’ll be on your way to the great outdoors with a confident smile on your face and some yummy granola bars to share with your friends. For more information, contact us at

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