tCheck THC Potency Tester's Cannabis Tips

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tincture with tCheck-- a beginner's guide to diy cannabis tinctures

Tincture With tCheck: Beginner’s Guide To DIY Cannabis Tinctures

DIY cannabis tinctures are making a comeback — and for many good reasons! These traditional alcohol-based extracts pack a considerable punch without aggravating your lungs. Medical marijuana patien...

Cannabisbuy cannabis edibles make them yourself

Should You Buy Cannabis Edibles or Make Them Yourself?

Cannabis and CBD edibles are have become increasingly popular over the last few years. With a long list of potential medicinal benefits, it's no surprise they are in high demand. Edibles are delici...

CannabisWhat's the average shelf life of cannabis edibles?

What's the Average Shelf Life of Cannabis Edibles?

  More people than ever before have got a severe case of the “munchies.” No, we’re not talking about the “munchies” you get after smoking weed; in this post, we’re referring to the rapid rise in th...

cannabis edibleshow to make edibles with common extracts

How to Make Edibles with Common Extracts

When most beginners think of weed edibles, they picture making them with flower. But did you know that you can make tasty infused edibles with any cannabis product, including today’s sophisticated ...

Cannabis11 ways to use leftover cannabis pulp

11 Ways to Use Leftover Cannabis Pulp

A common dilemma always pops up when people make their own infusions: what to do with all of that leftover cannabis pulp, also known as sludge. Many people throw it away, thinking it’s useless, but...

businessTips for gauging cannabis consumer patterns for small businesses

“Know Thy Canna-Customer” — Tips For Gauging Cannabis Consumer Patterns

Even if you’re new to the business world, you’ve probably heard the saying, “The customer is king (or queen!).” Just like good authors keep their readers in mind, successful entrepreneurs adjust to...

CannabisWhat is a THC potency tester? tcheck thc potency tester

Understanding THC Potency Testers for Cannabis

Count Your Cannabinoids With A THC Potency Tester Everyone knows that cannabis is a potent plant. However, it's impossible to tell how strong a strain will be just by looking at it. Sure, those tri...

CannabisHow to store cannabis infusions like a pro

How to Store Your Cannabis Infusions Like a Pro

There’s nothing worse than spending hours concocting the perfect cannabis infusion just to have it go bad or lose potency before you get a chance to use it all. Now that you've mastered measuring t...

Cannabiscould cannabinoids clear your skin? diy cannabis topicals

Could Cannabinoids Clear Your Skin? - A Primer On DIY Cannabis Topicals

No question: cannabis has achieved “celebrity status” in the beauty industry. Believe it or not, many market analysts predict the cannabis beauty sector could grow to $1 billion in the next few yea...