How to Use a THC Dosage Calculator

How to use a THC dosage calculator

Often, accurately dosing edibles is akin to a balancing act. If there aren't enough cannabinoids per serving, you won't get the relief that you need. However, too much THC in your edibles will make it difficult to function throughout the day. The only way you could avoid these issues is by taking accurate cannabinoid measurements and conversions.

Thankfully, you no longer need to send your edibles to an expensive lab for a thorough cannabinoid analysis or play roulette with your day. Tools like the tCheck and the calculator function in the app enables you to dial in your recipe to get the exact dose and strength that you want.

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How Do You Use The tCheck Calculator? A Brief Tutorial

When making edibles at home, you'll usually start with an infused oil. Depending on the strength of your starting material (buds, trim, etc.), the oil's intensity can vary widely. However, once you know the potency of your infused oil, you can dial in the dose that you need using the tCheck calculator app.

For instance, say you're making a batch of brownies and the recipe calls for 2 cups of oil. Your goal is for each brownie to have 5 mg of cannabinoids each. When you used the tCheck tester to measure your oil, it gave the result of 8.5 mg/mL. This means that in every mL, you have 8.5mg of THC or CBD. BTW, on the results screen, you can automatically see the same number in terms of mg in teaspoons, tablespoons or other units.

You can now plug this result into the tCheck app calculator function as shown below:
After tapping <Calculate>, the app will tell you how much infused oil and regular uninfused oil to use.

tcheck calculator results tcheck


tcheck interface thc potency testing screen


In the case above, you might need to do a bit of converting to make the units more usable (we are working on fixing this!). To make your life easier, here's a handy conversion table to keep nearby:

thc potency testing dosage calculator chart tcheck

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At tCheck, we strive to make our products and services as user-friendly as possible. However, we understand that weed calculations can be confusing, especially if you're new to making cannabis edibles. If you're having any issues using the tCheck calculator function, we always encourage you to visit our official Support page. You could also learn more about accurately dosing flower-to-oil ratios.

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