Exploring the Benefits of Microdosing Cannabis

what are the benefits of microdosing?

Microdosing has gotten a lot of “buzz” in recent years. Although this practice is most often associated with magic mushrooms, it has become increasingly trendy amongst cannabis fans. Indeed, as more states legalize weed, people are interested in using marijuana similar to prescription meds.

As interest in microdosing grows, so will the demand for accurate potency scanners. Thankfully, tCheck now gives consumers the power to accurately test the cannabinoid levels in their tinctures, edibles, and flowers. Anyone interested in microdosing should take a closer look at the user-friendly tests in tCheck’s catalog.  

Why Would Anyone Microdose Marijuana?

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As strange as it may sound to non-cannasseurs, not everyone likes to get “baked” when taking weed. In fact, many dedicated tokers can’t tolerate high-THC strains. 
Even though research suggests THC has therapeutic potential, there’s a higher risk of side effects when taken at higher doses (no puns intended). Most commonly, people who take too much THC experience intense fear or a panic attack. Obviously, taking THC at a lower dose helps mitigate the risk of these side effects.

But even if users don’t experience adverse reactions, they may not want to feel marijuana’s full effects. This is especially the case if tokers have a ton of work to accomplish. Instead of feeling “stoned,” microdosers could harness this herb’s healing potential without impeding productivity.

Plus, since the effects of microdosing are subtle, people have the option to take their tiny bit of ganja any time of the day. Indeed, it’s not unheard of for employees to sneak a touch of THC into their work routine! Microdosing gives MJ patients the power to stay medicated without feeling dazed and confused.

How Do You Determine The Ideal Cannabis Microdose?

It’s impossible to give a one-size-fits-all cannabis dose. Everyone has a slightly different tolerance level, which will influence each person’s experience. Plus, each cannabis strain and consumption method has vastly different effects on the endocannabinoid system.

That being said, most regulators say that marijuana “microdoses” shouldn’t exceed 10 mg THC. In most cases, microdosers only have about 1 – 5 mg of THC per session.

The only way to figure out your ideal dosage is to keep a detailed journal. Every time you take a microdose, write down your product’s mg count, THC-to-CBD percentage, and when you took the product (i.e., before or after a meal). At the end of the day, be sure to jot down a few notes on whether this dosage was effective.
While it might be a pain to jot down these notes, there’s no better way to figure out your tolerance level.

Could You Microdose Cannabis E-Juice Or Joints?

When people microdose cannabis, they tend to gravitate towards edibles, capsules, or tinctures. There are two main reasons for this preference:
  • These products are relatively easy to dose accurately.
  • Smokable or vapeable cannabis has potent effects; edibles provide a more subtle sense of relief throughout the day.

Since microdosers aren’t interested in profound psychoactive effects, it’s no surprise they shy away from vaporizers and joints. There’s always a greater chance people will feel “high” after one or two puffs—especially if they’re smoking a potent strain.
However, a few companies now offer “smart” vape pens that automatically shut off at a pre-set milligram count. This novel technology could be useful for patients who want to enjoy immediate effects without overdoing it.

Master MJ Microdosing With tCheck’s Tests!

To successfully track your microdosing levels, you must control as many variables as possible. Most significantly, you have to know the exact amount of THC and CBD you’re putting in your body. That’s where tCheck’s technology could help.
Over the past few years, we’ve created one of the most accurate and affordable at-home potency scanners. Whether you’re baking cannabutter or using a tincture, our tests could provide you with precise dosage levels. To find out more about our dosage technologies, please visit our comprehensive support page.

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