Our Story

We started tCheck when a friend, diagnosed with a neurological disorder, struggled to find a solution to help with the symptoms of her conditions.

She, like many patients who rely on medicinal marijuana, sought relief from symptoms but minimal cannabinoid potency.

While we had an idea how to theoretically measure the concentration of cannabinoids in a sample, we had little idea on how that theory could be translated into a physical product.

We tinkered for months using things like a lizard light, a voltage meter, and an empty toilet paper roll. After iterating again and again, we finally created a handheld device that was able to accurately and reliably measure the concentration of cannabinoids in a sample.

Now our friend, can feel confident that when she creates edibles at home, she’s is doing it right every time. Quality, consistency, and affordability are back under her control.

What is CBV and why is it important?

What is CBV and why is it important?

What the tCheck does is similar to the way one would check their cholesterol at home. The purpose is to give you an understanding of your cholesterol levels without the need for an in-depth breakdown that might take days. tCheck gives you a CBV number, or botanical Compound By Volume, which is the aggregate compounds in the infused solution.

Infusing Your Oil

Infusing Your Oil
To start we need these materials

Coconut Oil
Pot (the steel variety)
Flower / Botanicals
Sheet Pan
Part One:  Activate (high heat) the botanical compounds