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tCheck in cannabis harvest

Have total confidence in your edibles and infusions

Skip expensive store bought edibles and infusions

No more confusing math for recipe calculation

What do you want to test?

Pretest your edible ingredients

Dial in the exact dose of your edible by measuring the strength of your infused butter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) or alcohol tincture. No more guessing. No more surprises.

Test your buds and concentrates

Growing your own? Add the Expansion Kit to test buds, trim, and other concentrates. Your own mini cannabis lab providing answers on the spot, completely private and portable.

How does it work?

2 minutes to infusion potency results, 5-6 minutes to bud or concentrate results.

Select your infusion

Choose the oil, butter, or alcohol you will be testing.

Put 5 drops of your infusion into the tray

If using flower or concentrates, you can make a quick infusion with our expansion kit.

Run a test

Run a test right from your phone with the tCheck app.

What can I test with tCheck?

Instead of giving you results by comparing your sample to others in a database, tCheck measures your actual sample. This allows for greater accuracy when testing:

Flower based EVOO, butter, alcohol, and coconut oil infusions

Isolate based EVOO, butter, alcohol, and coconut oil infusions

Raw THCa and hemp flower

Winterized concentrate

Why use the tCheck
potency tester?

Your results, simplified

No more hard to read lab results. Dial in your recipes with the tCheck calculator to quickly determine dosage.

Accuracy you can count on

Click to see how tCheck compares with an actual lab. (Infusions: +/- 1.5 mg/ml, flower & concentrates: +/- 3%)

Make test prep a breeze

Now you can streamline your test prep with tCheck’s in-app sample prep guides.

Dispensary brownie vs homemade

Pays for itself in just 10 batches

Spare your wallet in the long run. With tCheck, you have the option to make edibles in the comfort of your own home.

Designed for how cannabis
fits in your life

Edible Makers

Dial in your recipes and get control over your batch consistency.


Harvest your crop, and know what it’s worth by measuring the percentage before you sell.


Maintain a consistent medicinal dosage for family and friends.

Skip the guesswork, this is important

You are three clicks away from potency confidence