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7 Cannabis Infused Christmas Recipes

Potency Patty December 20, 2022 0 comments

7 cannabis infused Christmas recipes

There are the typical holiday dishes, and then there are the dishes that you bring: the unique, herb-infused platters that elevate everyone’s Christmas cheers. While Thanksgiving is the holiday set on giant turkeys, stiff stuffing, and loads of pie, Christmas is the holiday of giving, so there’s always room to add more to the dinner table. If you’re having a hard time getting started in the kitchen, here are 7 cannabis infused recipes you can try at home.

7 Cannabis Infused Recipes for Christmas

Recipe #1: Cannabis Apple Pie Bakes in Mason Jar Lids

The best part about the holidays that no one talks about is the LEFTOVERS! You have a good night chopping it up with family and friends, and when the next day rolls around, you’ll have a taste of the night waiting for you in the fridge. This recipe is perfect for those who aren’t looking to cook anything complex but like to “eat their weed”. Bake the take-home desserts that are sure to leave an elevated impression.



Recipe #2: Baked Canna-Glazed Ham

cannabis infused glazed ham potency testerForget a food coma, imagine the overly bloated bellies and glazed-over eyes after feasting on a cannabis-infused ham! Take your contributions to the dinner table up a notch, but don’t forget to warn all of its flowery goodness. Lucky for you and your guests, tCheck has top-of-the-line hand-held potency testers so you can be sure that the herbal taste isn’t too potent.




Recipe #3: Creamy Cannabis Hot Chocolate

Warm up the cold season with this 10-minute THC-infused Hot Chocolate. No cannabutter, no hand-mixers, no food processors, just the good ol’ decarboxylation process and sweet creamy drinking chocolate. When you’re looking to bring the buzz with no wine, try this recipe tested with a tCheck potency tester!


Recipe #4: Cannabis-Infused Croissants

croissant with cannabutter tcheck potency testerWhat goes great with hot chocolate? CROISSANTS! Create the perfect hemp holiday duo like the canna-connoisseur you are with this infused croissant recipe. Here’s an idea: a self-serve hot chocolate station set up for guests just as they walk in. The sweet smells of cannabis, baked goods, and mixed drinks will have mouths drooling the moment they walk through the door.




Recipe #5: Cannabis-Infused Cornbread Recipe

This one is a masterpiece of tCheck’s own. If you’re looking for the perfect side dish for your main course but need something with a little more excitement, this weed-infused cornbread recipe is just for you! Simple and sweet, Stoney Macaroni’s cannabis-infused cornbread recipe is sure to put guests and their taste buds (and bodies) on cloud nine.


Recipe #6: CBD-Infused Vodka Jello Shots

This recipe may be good for winding down (or winding up?). Get creative and make CBD-infused jello shots for a happier holiday. Think… when was the last time you had a jello shot infused with CBD? Never, right?! This recipe is perfect for those who aren’t afraid of trying new things and experiencing new cannabis-fueled highs.



Recipe #7: Cannabis Infused Christmas Sugar Cookies

From humble beginnings back to the holiday table– try baking weed-infused Christmas cookies this holiday! If you remember the first edible you’ve ever had, it was probably a cookie, and what’s better than getting back to the basics, right? This recipe is perfect for fun Christmas parties, cookie decorating competitions, and lifted laughs.



And that’s the end of our list! But before you go,

You Might Be Missing Something On Your Recipe List

It can be exciting when you finally decide to infuse your Christmas dish but wait– how will you know if your THC levels are too strong? What if the taste of marijuana overpowers the meal? Not to worry. tCheck has affordable hand-held potency testing devices to ease all of your worries. Add one (or a few, they make great Christmas gifts) to your shopping cart and get cooking with confidence right away! 

Happy cooking and happy holidays!

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